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Poll: Do you buy supermarket brand beauty?

By | August 20 2012 | 49 Comments

The mark up on premium cosmetics is huge.  Enormous.   It’s as big as the mistake the sales ladies on Rodeo Drive made when Pretty Woman Julia Roberts came in to buy zillions of clothes.

You know that €50 bottle of perfume you got for Christmas?  It probably cost just pennies to make.

Many of us know this. But yet we remain stubbornly loyal to our favourite premium brand – a brand that might just be living off its reputation – instead of trying something new.  And CHEAPER.  Something much, much cheaper.

Does anyone really care if they’re washing their hair with Lidl’s Head High or actual Head and Shoulders?  Will anyone know if you’ve got the latest (flaky) colour from Chanel on your digits – or are you better off with a tough flash of colour from a Boots own brand?  Who gives a flying feck if you’re using  body butter from The Body Shop – or if you’re doing just fine with a fakeachoo version from one of the supermarkets.

And shower gel goes straight down the drain – I’m not too hassled if Himself has to wash the liathroids with Lidl’s finest.

Aldi Lacura has tons of fans – and you can’t mention Barbara Daly without shrieks about cult products like Hello Yellow.

So why aren’t we wising up? You can literally save HUNDREDS of pounds (or maybe thousands if you’ve got a really expensive cosmetics habit).   Have you switched – or are you still brand loyal?

Take the poll and tell us!

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