Picking jeans for your body type: the pear

By Rosemary | November 2 2012 | 16 Comments


I think a pear shape is one of the sexiest shapes, despite the hourglass getting all of the good press, so I’d be tempted to tell you to wear a straight-legged jean, which will not draw attention away from your hips at all (seck-say!). I think pear shapes get a lot of “don’t wear jeans, just wear A-line skirts and pretend you’re from the 1950s” but . . . really? Jeans are for everybody, I say. Denim = the great leveller.

In all ‘n’ anyways, you’re a pear shape if you are (obviously) shaped like a pear – so your hips are going to be the widest part of your torso, with your body tapering towards the top. Most usually, pear shapes have small upper halves, which means great news for arms and collar bones, but not such great news for hips ‘n’ thighs. (Luckily for you, it’s not all that socially acceptable to go around in hot pants – Krystle-goers, take heed - so really, you drew the long straw after all.)

If you fancy going for a skinny or straight leg and showing off that dangerous curve, try something like Oasis’s Cherry jean. They’re between a mid and a high waist (unless you’re Beyoncé, you don’t want a low rise jean – that way lies builder’s bottom disaster) and an almost-skinny. So, you know, not quite sprayed on to your legs but a slim ankle all the same. They also come in a host of colours and (best of all) are €48. If you’re a student, Oasis regularly does 20% off student days, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those, too.

If, on the other hand, you want to disguise your bottom-heaviness and give yourself a more “even” figure, you want to go for a flared jean. MiH’s Marrakesh jean will work (remember, I wrote about them here) or New Look’s bootcut (featured here), but, as a lot of clever Beaut.ie commenters have pointed out, one of the best bootcut jeans around comes from none other than Dorothy Perkins.

There are no mad tricks to these jeans, which will set you back (I think) €30. They’re a lovely traditional indigo, with slight fading down the front of the thighs – which will, as I said, draw attention to that area, but will draw attention away from the sides of the thighs, which is a plus. I would go for a little longer than in this pic, so it’s great news that they come in several different lengths, and several different washes! I love the indigo for a really traditional denim vibe, or they also have a darker indigo which is slightly dressier.

If, however, you’re really intent on covering up your pear shape, the most important thing to pay attention to is your top half. If your top falls to the middle of your thigh, parallel to your you-know-what, you’ll be laughing – but if it hits just above where your hips widen, all eyes will be on the contrast between your waist and hips. It’s about tricks of the eye, rather than any real concealment.

Finally, whose category do you fall into? Claire Danes’s, Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s! Not too shabby!


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16 Replies to "Picking jeans for your body type: the pear"

  • Catherine says:

    Thanks rosemary. Claire Danes doesn’t look like a pear though, her shoulders are wider than her hips?

  • Louise says:

    I’d say Claire Danes is a pear. I’m the same, I have broad-ish shoulders and wide hips but I don’t have big boobs so I wouldn’t consider myself hourglass….

  • The Girl says:

    Thanks Rosemary! I’m definitely a pear, with small shoulders and a waist, but then really curvy hips, thighs and bum. I’m also 5 foot tall, but I find that most shops petite ranges don’t work for pear shapes – designers must think that ‘petite’ = shaped like an Olypmic gymnast!

  • thefrog says:

    Thanks Rosemary for this series of articles. Oh, and for telling each of us that no matter what our body shape is, it can be sexy ;)

    The “don’t wear jeans, just wear A-line skirts and pretend you’re from the 1950s” is more or less the reason why I always wear skirts and dresses, trying to hide my thighs because they’re wider than my hips and so much wider than my waist and I’m sure everybody is looking at them in disgust if I’m wearing trousers. Yes, I know nobody is looking at them, but still.

    However, I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to get more than a year out of a pair of jeans, simply because they tend to get worn out at the inside, where the thighs meet. It’s very annoying, and seems to happen no matter how much I pay for them. Any suggestion for “very resistant” jeans?

  • Caitríona says:

    Hey, I go to Krystle! I also own a pair of hotpants haha! But only wear them with tights I swear!

    I still have no idea what body shape I am. Would be pretty even between hips and chest so I think I’m a small hourglass. I’m confused because super curvy girls like Kim K are always the poster children of hourglass, but I’m just not that fabulous!

  • joanne says:

    yay for pears. I have the dorothy perkins jeans and they are great. Any reccs for some dearer brands? was thinking I would splash out on a good pair this winter

  • cici bee says:

    Im a pear!finally now know my shape!
    Used to be straight up and down but not any more!love my shapely thighs and my ass!

  • Lisa says:

    >Any reccs for some dearer brands? was thinking I would splash out on a good pair this winter

    J Brand “pencil leg” styles. I have them in a couple of colours in corduroy (612) but they do a denim version as well (912). Brilliant, flattering fit on the more, er, hippy lady and don’t gape at the waist, which is my main problem with jeans. Also enough stretch/room in the thighs.

    I also really like the Levi’s Bold Curve skinnies.

  • cici bee says:

    Love the levi bold curve,got them on sale in arnotts during the summer!great fit!have a pair of river island dark indigo jeans on today,got them 2 weeks ago 35euro,lovely with a pair of heels or skinny enough to lash on with a pair of biker boots!

  • joanne says:

    thanks Lisa!

  • IceQueen says:

    I have no clue what shape I am. Normal/Average size shoulders for my height (5ft 8), no boobs (quite literal!!), smallish waist, wide hips and wide-ish thighs. I would have thought pear except that my shoulders prob dont fit into that?

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t think shoulders have much to do with it – I have pretty broad shoulders (the 80s were not a good time for me, as even without shoulder pads I look like I’m wearing shoulder pads) but my torso/hips are classic pear shape.

  • cathyfly says:

    Fellow pear here! I agree with the Oasis Cherry recommendation, I have about 5 pairs in different colours. Also on the spendier side, Paige Skyline Skinny jeans and Nobody Cult Skinny jeans are amazing (the nobody jeans are high-waisted skinnies).

    I fitted into a pair of Topshop Baxters recently for the first time ever but that’s probably because I’m just a slightly smaller pair than I used to be.

  • Helen says:

    I have these in both slim & straight fits. they were about €90 in BT2


    It says they push your bottom up, but really I just find they fit everywhere – they fit my waith without gaping while still having room for my generous behind.

    (I’m not sure if I’m a pair – viewed head on my bottom half doesn’t look much bigger than my top half, but from the side & the back I think i have aquite a big bottom, proportional to the rest of me)

    After years of cheap jeans that went huge at the waist after one wear, I’d really recommend these.

  • Louise says:

    American apparel do great jeans to suit a pear shape. Ive never been able to find anything that fits me on the leg and the hip because Im two didderent people on top and on the bottom. That is until I went to American Apperal. Finding their jeans was like finding the holy grail.

  • Jean says:

    I think the hallmark of a pear is having narrowing shoulders, meaning they curve in rather than being average or broad shouldered. If you look pearish on the bottom but have shoulders average or broad you’re probably an hourglass, even if your bust is less than traditional for the silhouette. I’m definitely a pear – wide bottom & hips and small shoulders (tops are usually made too broad for them & shoulder bags always slip off) but I’m busty.

    I’m not really a fan of skinny or straight leg jeans, I look like an ice cream cone. I like boot legs far better because they provide some balance without hiding the curve but they do need to be a lower rise otherwise they gape at the waist (now that is hugely annoying!). Oh and the darker the better without all that whiskering or faded spots. You need to watch the placing of those things b/c they can make you look wider or draw emphasis where you don’t want it.

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