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OH MY GOD! That’s GACK! Your worst purchases of 2012

By Aisling | December 7 2012 | 37 Comments

There’s nothing you can do about it.

No matter how much research you put in – online, talking to friends, trying on, dithering between options: there will ultimately come a time (or in my case many times) where you just have to resign yourself.


Now it could be a dress that made you look four stone heavier than you actually are; a pair of trousers that instantly gave you camel toe; a face cream that you held out so much hope for (but stung the eyes off you and cost approx a million euro into the bargain); that new fringe that you were SURE would suit you, but ended up looking like it would only be fashionable on Mrs Doyle; or a trendy new ombre hair colour, that did indeed wreck and ravage your hair and cause the last three inches to fall off.

I think all of the above examples have happened to me this year.

But what about you?  Rate your truly gack and most disappointing consumer moments of 2012!

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