Nokia Release Nail Polish. Yes, You Read That Right.

By Lynnie | August 7 2012 | 6 Comments

My usual reaction when I hear about a non-beauty/non-fashion company doing something beauty related to tie in with a product release is to throw my eyes skywards in despair. It’s what happened when Volvo came out with a line of car-coloured nail polishes a couple of years ago and my eyeballs involuntarily twitched in their sockets when I heard about a similar sounding stunt from Nokia.

To support the launch of their Lumia 900 smartphone in limited edition pink, Nokia have gone and sorted themselves out with a coordinating hot pink nail polish called – imaginatively – Nokia Lumia Pink. It’s available to customers at Lumia 900 launch events in the States – sadface if you were hoping to get  your paws on it, eh? – where they can also have manicures and nail art administered by manicurists to the stars Kandi Banks and Nikki Schwan in dedicated pink Lumia lounge zones.

Now, part of me thinks “Cool! Nokia embraces nail art!” but there’s another part of me that feels a bit maddened by brands’ desire to appeal to Wimmin Consumers by tying pretty things like beauty bits to their products. (Because, of course, the only reason Wimmin buy anything is because it looks nice or because they can get a nail polish to match it.) Maybe it’s just me, but I find these sorts of marketing ploys gimmicky and kind of insulting to my intelligence.

What do you reckon? Am I overthinking it or does this kind of thing get on your wick, too?

images via Phones Review and the Nokia US Facebook page

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6 Replies to "Nokia Release Nail Polish. Yes, You Read That Right."

  • I am with you 100% on this, I dont know why exactly but this just doesnt sit well with me.
    Plus, If I text after paining my nails, they are flippin destroyed! Phones are to blame for most smudged nails incidents! haha

  • Dawn says:

    Because us womenfolk just couldn’t like technology for its own sake. No, of course, it has to be pink and come with something girly.

  • Beth TV says:

    Not atall shocked at this. Nokia made all sorts of rubbish before they became well known for phones; TVs and radios and even bog roll!

    Of course it’s going to be a crummy phone like any Nokia over the last few years :)

  • daisydaisy says:

    Uh-Oh, I’m one of those girls who will buy something outrageous just becuase it has something cute free with it and you know, for the price of the phone or whatever, you could have a lot of really nice nail polishes instead of one possibly crappy pink one!!!

  • I can definitely see the appeal of this one – tweens would love it – and it’s working as a marketing strategy

  • Maggie says:

    If you like make-up whats the problem with a company giving you a nail varnish with a phone? I don’t get why your offended so easily, when I look through posts from the last few months I begin to think that your all in a tissy all the time!

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