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Nicholas Cage sees image in wax, goes home, dies inside

By Aisling | February 6 2012 | 30 Comments

Oh come on now!  He might not be classically handsome or anything near it – but he sure as hell doesn’t look this bad.

This waxwork is absolutely desperate – and Cage, while gamely smiling for press shots, must be HORRIFIED.  While it’s a measure of how famous you are to be immortalised in wax it’s a double edged sword, because  so often the results are nothing short of shocking

Take Justin Bieber who has been immortalised in wax several times now – and NO ONE can get it right.  This one in Madrid is possibly the worst though.  I mean – what the hell?

justin bieber waxwork

You what work: He looks about 45

 Turn your attention to this little lot – can you guess who they’re meant to be?  And who has the most unflattering wax image?  Answers in the comments!

who can it be?

The pure essence of one of the most glamourous couples in the world is faithfully replicated here.  Especially in the luxurious ill fitting outfits.

any idea?

Good grief


Ah God

and this?

And apart from everything else: WHERE’S HIS FEET?  And what the hell is up with the clothes sizes?


You can clearly see why he’s regularly voted the sexiest man in the world

Come and get it boys


You know who this is:  BUT WHY?


Flippin Hell



hilarious wax figures

Fantastic work

deirdreeeee barlow

And finally, I’m not being funny here.  But eh, which one is the waxwork?

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