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Neostrata active exfoliating wash: nerves of steel required but results excellent

By Aisling | January 11 2012 | 12 Comments

I’m always aware when I use a Neostrata product that it’s going to be really good: the potency of the ingredients  and the cutting edge science used means that their skincare is usually streets ahead of the competition.

This cleanser is part of the new Neostrata Active range: four products designed to really give skin an antiageing boost – we previewed them a few months ago: read more here.

Two powerful antiaging moisturisers plus an eyecream make up the range along with this wash.  In order to ensure that the creams have maximum benefit you use the wash first – to prep the skin.  The premis is that the antiaging ingredients can’t work properly and make significant impact if they’re blocked by all the dirt in your pores and old dead skin.  This is a light foaming cleanser that promises to “lightly exfoliate without overdrying, remove debris from pores and enhance skin texture and clarity.”

With ingredients like Polyhydroxy Acids, including Gluconolactone and Maltobionic Acid I found that this cleanser took no prisoners.  It did deliver on its promises: but first I had to suffer a week of breakouts and dry flaky bits as it swept away all the crap that was clogging my pores.  It’s not particularly gentle and I would only use it if you’re prepared to suffer through the process – it reminded me of the glycolic cleansers I’ve used before – read about what happens to your skin with a glycolic cleanser – I found this very similar.

But if you want something that really works well to clean up skin – this is the one to go for.  Super scientific, super effective and your skin is softer and clearer at the end of it.

Read more about Neostrata and why we love this brand.

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