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Nail Art Goes To The Dogs With Pawdicure Polish Pens: Boris reports exclusively for

By Lynnie | June 12 2012 | 20 Comments

I’m sure I’m going to regret letting him do this – he’s already demanding that he be known henceforth as our canine correspondent, sigh – but today’s post is a special report from my West Highland White Terror Terrier, Boris. 



Stylish puppies of Ireland! Are you fed up with all the time your ownerslave spends fussing over her own nails, paying no heed whatever to your poor naked claws? Do you long for polka dots to adorn your paws daily, or perhaps wish that you could have them dressed up in tuxedos for special occasions?

Then point your best minionfriend to Pawdicure Polish Pens. Hot from the States (where else?) and available in a choice of seven creme and four neon colours, these water-based non-toxic nail art pens for canines are a real thing and will take your doggie digits from woof-looking to wow in no time.

To help ensure that your claws look every bit as good as your danglies, the manufacturers have helpfully provided some inspirationail images of doggie models getting their claw art on. Some look like they could have done with a file before their polish, but here are my favourites:

Unleash your inner… er, outer animal with leopard and zebra print. Sure to confuse local cats

Paw print ON YOUR ACTUAL PAWS. Genius

     Perfect for Paddy’s Day 2013             Tartantastic for Westies, Scotties etc

Lynnie has already said we can’t get them (something about them being ridiculous and how she can’t see me ever using them since I’ve barely got the hang of not weeing inside – I’m sure I don’t know what she’s talking about) but I’m damned if I’m taking canine grooming advice from a humanlady who thinks that everything in life can be improved by the addition of a cartoon Japanese cat.

What do you think of the trend?

- Boris x

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