My First Attempt At Nail Art; Do YOU have a Beauty Nemesis?

By Emma | October 22 2012 | 18 Comments

nail art necessities

Up until now my attempts at DIY nail art have been solely confined to a glitter accent nail, or rocking a set of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects (amaze!). As a person who is so clumsy she regularly trips over her own feet – it’s true! – fiddly designs on small surfaces have always seemed beyond my reach. It’s one of those beauty bits that I’m just crap at – like fake tanning, false lashes, or any hair style more complicated than a topknot. We talked recently about our beauty obsessions – well, these are my beauty nemeses!

nail art collage

But I’ve been inspired by the mad skillz and have-a-go attitude of ladies like Lynnie and Sue to stop being such a wojus scaredy cat and to break out of my comfort zone a bit. Recently I used self tan – it was wash off, but still – and this weekend I turned my hand (geddit? hand?) to a bit of aul’ nail art.

To create my masterpiece I picked up some reinforcement rings in Easons and a couple of bottles of nail art paint in my local chemist’s for around two quid a pop. These ones are by Essence and LA Colour.

nail art

Mavala Super Base; Sally Hansen 4-in-1 and Bandage nail colour; nail art paint from Essence and LA Colour

While it’s not perfect by any means (I should have been more patient waiting for the base coat to dry before going in with the sticky rings), I’m kinda chuffed with how it turned out anyway.  I went for a simple nude and black half moon mani with silver glitter accents – I think it has an art deco kinda vibe. The nude I used is Sally Hansen’s Bandage but have a look at this post for some other great suggestions.

Let me know what you think – but be gentle, now. Fancy giving this easy peasy look a bash? And tell us, what’s your beauty nemesis?

For some more accomplished nail art designs jump straight to the category here.

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18 Replies to "My First Attempt At Nail Art; Do YOU have a Beauty Nemesis?"

  • Shanna says:

    It turned out great, Emma! I still haven’t tried the reinforcement rings for nail art, can never seem to find them! As for beauty nemesis(es?!) – false lashes. RAGE!

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Can’t be bothered with nail art, but too time consuming for me so stick to accent nails.

    Winged eyeliner is my nemesis, CANNOT get it to look anything other than like my hand slipped! :D

  • dublinista says:

    False lashes – cannot get the hand of them.

  • Atkin says:

    Same as Thalia, eye liner leaves me like a rabbit with myxomatosis. The Maybelline one is the best I’ve tried for clumsy novices, it’s still not perfect but that’s my fault, not the liners.

  • Joanna says:

    False Tan – I just dont do it! I have tried so hard – doing all the things I’m supposed to – I have tried all the tips and tricks of the trade that exist and I have never managed to look like anything other than a cooked streaky rasher!
    So its pale and interesting all the way for me………except on really special occasions when I might do sunbeds! (once every 5 years or so)

  • littlesis says:

    False lashes are beyond me, and nail art too! I like this, Emma but I’m not sure how well the base colour suits your skin. Keep her lit,I’m sure we’ll be seeing more nail art from you :D

  • OtherMary says:

    Can’t do fake lashes. Corner ones are doable but full strips? Forget about it.
    Liquid liner – nope. Gel or cake (esp. cake liner!), yes. Pencils I can use only if they are very soft.
    Nose contouring. Always looks obvious.

    Emma, it is not bad at all. I think you are supposed to use the outer edge not the hole.

  • I’m only just starting with the nail art (doesn’t look too arty when I do it though, more like a child had a got at my nails), but find designing different coloured lines not too difficult: sticky tape is my friend :)
    My nemesis is fake lashes. I have never been able to put them on, and god knows I tried. Several times. But nope, doesn’t work.
    And at home waxing too, somehow I have never been able to remove hair using it.

  • Cait says:

    False lashes for me too. End up nearly burning the eyes out of my head with the glue when I try to put them on. Admittedly I’ve only tried twice – but that was enough!

  • Anita says:

    I feel like they’re watching me… but in a kinda cool/creepy way! To do those nails, do the black first, put on the ring enforcer thingies, paint the Bandage colour over the main nail bits and over the enforcer thingies a little, then you will have bigger crescents of black polish.

    Little unsolicited advice there!

    I used to do nail art a bit when I lived overseas out of SHEER boredom, I used to teach Spanish teenagers (I felt like I aged 10 years doing that, never again), and I used to get lots of compliments from them. I was shit at anything other than lines and dots though…

    I’ve never tried false lashes but would like to one day… I’ve self-tanned but I can never work up the nerve to go darker than 1 shade, which makes fake-tanning myself a bit pointless really!

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