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Making friends online: have you done it?

By Karen | August 30 2012 | 58 Comments

I found it easy to make friends in school or college.   At school you’re friends with whomever the teacher sits you beside, or a pal from home who goes to the same school.  In college you bond over student nights and cheap beer, snogging unsuitable lads and all-nighters getting a paper together. But once you leave that safety and are out in the big bad world, I found making friends a lot harder.

But since college a lot of my friends have moved to far-flung destinations around the globe and unless I want to spend the rest of my life sitting in by myself, I had to bite the bullet and make some new ones.

I considered simply walking up to pleasant looking women in Tesco and asking if they wanted to be friends, it had worked in the playground after all.  Or perhaps I could become one of those women who strike up conversations with randomers on the bus. ‘Lovely morning isn’t it? Did you see what that shower in the Government are up to now?’ That sort of thing.

In the end I decided to start slowly, making some online friends first, on a forum I’m a member of and on Twitter. From there, the idea of meeting up was broached by one of the other girls and I was happy to agree.

Once the initial awkwardness was overcome, the friendships blossomed and luckily the new friends I’ve met are the same in real life as they are online and we’re getting along famously.

How about you all? Whether you’re in school, college or out in the world have you made new friends online?


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