L’Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Dip Dye Great Even For Cack-Handed and Clumsiest of Girls

By Emma | September 12 2012 | 36 Comments

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré dip dye kit


Kudos to L’Oreal for being the first to market with an at-home dip-dye kit, Préférence Wild Ombré. This is one trend that didn’t start life in a salon but at home, as we rushed to mimic a wave of film stars who were growing their roots between films.

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré

And as Christophe Robin, L’Oreal’s Creative Colour Director, observed at the launch, a lot of salons just aren’t all that good at it, anyway. Show me one woman who had a beautiful balayage experience at the hands of her hairdresser, and I’ll show you another who was left cold. (Read some of our adventures here!) I’ve been lucky to be in the first camp but even so, I felt mine was just a little too subtle.

So I couldn’t wait to break out my L’Oreal kit and of the three available, I went with #1 which I was advised would give me caramel tips. My hair goes from dark brown roots to lighter brown ends (see what I mean in this pic) which I wanted to lift to a lighter and brighter hue.

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré

The kit comes with a powder and two creams that you mix together, along with an applicator brush, gloves, conditioning shampoo and an instruction booklet. The brush is a brilliant little tool – so good in fact that I’ve stashed it away to try out on my roots! You just coat it with the mixture and comb through the tips of your hair.

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré

Watching Christophe in action at the launch taught me that this is powerful stuff, so I left it on for 5 minutes less than the minimum recommended time – the box says 25 to 45 minutes. And following Christophe’s advice, I didn’t take it as high up as the models pictured, but concentrated just on the tips, pulling out about seven or eight pieces to focus on.

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré before and after

Before (left) and after!

And the results? Exactly what I was hoping for. It brightened up my ends considerably – up to 8 shades, claims the box, and according to Christophe it’s certainly up to 6. And bear in mind here ladies that I am entirely clumsy and cack-handed and find a regular box-dye a messy and onerous chore.

I think L’Oreal are on to an absolute winner with this one. It’s just a brilliant product: quick, easy, effective and reasonably priced, at €12.19. And word on the street is that there’s lots more excitement headed our way with the launch of two more fashion forward kits towards the end of the year – we can’t say too much, but think platinum. And pastels!

L’Oreal Préférence Wild Ombré is on shelves now – will you be giving it a whirl?


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36 Replies to "L’Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Dip Dye Great Even For Cack-Handed and Clumsiest of Girls"

  • Lynnie says:

    Oooohhhh vay interesting! I think Kit #2 has my name on it.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Fluffy Emma – looks fantastic – you’d swear it was professionally done.
    I think there was a demo on how to do it on Xpose last night, might catch it at the weekend to see how easy it is. I’m hoping the sun in Spain will lighten mine up next week. I seriously have to start going lighter, although I don’t want to, but the war with grey is starting to really wear me out.
    My roots need doing by the 3rd week – sigh!!!

  • It is SUPER easy peasy – promise!!

  • Niamhers says:

    Okay I’ve a bob and never thought that I would able to ombre my hair but #2 looks amazing!

    Emma- this is a bleach, yeah? Would you recommend going over the lightened bits with another colour? Or does it give the colour it says it does? (Sorry, I’m not very smart when it comes to hair! :P )

  • Orla says:

    ooh this looks really good – as Niamhers said, do you think it would work then putting another colour on top? I’d like to do dark to lighter red or something or even brown-red/copper… hmm..

  • Evie says:

    Do they have one for mid to dark brown hair? I got balayage ombre done in July but it’s very red on the ends so far, the hairdresser said it’d take a few goes to get it light. I’ve a *Free* inoa appointment (thanks to that app) in a few weeks time so I will get the ends lightened again then. Might try this out before Christmas if the ends still aren’t light enough by then.

  • Aifs says:

    Evie – I got one of those things too but wasn’t sure what it entitled me to! It’s not the clearest!! Must investigate.

  • Atkin says:

    Not for me at all. My disasters with balayage are well documented here and I wouldn’t risk the damage and expense of bleached hair again.

  • Hey guys, you could put a colour on top, like a red, if you really wanted, but no need unless you really want to. The colour you end up with will depend on how long you leave on the colour but it will lighten your hair up to 6 shades. Yes, it’s bleach, but it doesn’t seem to have wreaked any havoc on my hair. Will be treating it to weekly masks and continuing to use my beloved hair oils just in case.

    The 3 shades are:
    • No.1 – for Light Brown to Dark Brown
    • No.2 – for Dark Blonde to Medium Brown
    • No.3 – for Blonde to Dark Blonde

    Hope that helps!

  • Andrea says:

    It looks lovely on you! Do you think it would work on my hair at all, I’ve it dyed black? I guess it wouldn’t work maybe just with the colour remover thingy and this on top? x

  • Evie says:

    Aifs…you get a free inoa colour treatment, you have to bring your phone with the app to the appointment to validate it. They will colour and rough dry it for you, a proper blowdry will cost you, as will a cut. I presume my ombre on the ends will cost too unless they use an inoa colour on the ends too. Just be aware that you have to book the appointment by Oct 5th and use it by Oct 31st and you have to go get a bit put on your skin at least 48 hours beforehand to check for allergies or they won’t do the free colour for you.

  • Aifs says:

    Evie – you’re a star. Thanks a million! I must do that so. I’m away until the 5th so I must book it before then. Excellent. :) Had contemplated Balayage but might just go with this because it’s free!

  • Atkin says:

    Whats this Evie??? Free colour! In the words of Greases’ Thunderbirds, tell me more tell me more.

  • Evie says:

    Atkin you have to download the l’oreal inoa colour capture app and you can win a free colour treatment and mini shampoo & conditioner samples, deadly app

  • linda says:

    where did u get it , searched dublin today and its nowhere

  • Linda I got mine from L’Oreal but they say it’s on shelves now.

  • Gracie says:

    Your hair turned out lovely Emma. But I have one thing in mind:

    I kind of think this is a marketing gimmick. So, according to a new customer profile and/or needs (ombre hair), L’Oreal created a new “product”, which is actually exactly what is already on the market. I mean, I bleached my hair at home ombre style and got the exact same look as Emma’s. I have a quite number of friends who keep it that way for the ombre look and top it up with blonde dye (most popular is L’Oreal Creme Casting Gloss) every now and then. I top it up with pink. You can use whatever colour you want. And I’m guessing the only difference between the 3 is the strength of the bleach, as you need a stronger bleach for brunettes. So, basically it is a product which already existed, but with a popular name on it. But certainly, go buy it, it’s not expensive. It is just not new.

  • littlesis says:

    Wow, good on L’Oreal for thinking of this one, it’s exactly what the market needed given the popularity of the balayage. And I have to agree that most hair salons aren’t very good at it anyway! Looks gorgeous on you Emma x

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