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Liz Taylor made more from perfume sales than movies: White Diamonds best selling celeb fragrance of all time

By Aisling | April 26 2012 | 26 Comments


No kidding, I was absolutely entranced by scenes of the life of Liz Taylor on the telly the other night.

She was so beautiful it was incredible.  And the pair she and Richard Burton made was glamour brought to life.  Rich, gorgeous, talented, famous: they loved to live large and party hard.  Although this proved to be their undoing in the end – too much living and drinking and well, more drinking.

The jewellery was out of this world.  Literally.  Liz had pearls worn by Tudor princesses, she had the largest diamond ring ever seen.  As her jewellery was auctioned (and inevitably was sold to faceless billionaires in Russia, China or Japan) it went for enormous amounts of money.

But the most suprising fact was one that was mentioned almost as an aside towards the end of the programme.  Liz Taylor actually made more money from her perfume sales than she did from all her movies combined.  That deal she struck with Estee Lauder for the production of White Diamonds has resulted in the best selling celebrity perfume of all time.  Twenty years after its launch it continues to be the number one seller around the world and has racked up over 60 million pounds in sales.  Her other fragrances – Black Pearl, Diamonds and Rubies and Diamonds and Emeralds have brought home a combined 70 mil plus in sales.

From the sublime to the ridiculous?  Lindsay Lohen has been cast as Liz in the Lifetime film “Liz and Dick”.  What do we think of that then?

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