Little pickers wear bigger knickers. Forum alert: top diet and fitness threads

By Aisling | January 1 2012 | 32 Comments

Staring down the barrel of a New Years Eve dressed in a muu muu, as I tore off the dress I was trying to squeeze into in the Karen Millen dressing room I realised that THE DIET MUST START. NOW.

Sorry for shouting but too many glasses of Baileys, far too many chocolates (bloody tin of Roses, damn you to HELL), bowls of delicious crisps, bottles of wine and a need to “finish up” the wheel of Brie and the mince pies  have led to an unfortunate situation.

Upon going to the sales yesterday to buy a dress for New Years Eve I found I no longer fitted into my size in anything.  Or the size up for that matter.

“It’s just bloat” said my friend.  “I’m the same sure.  A week of not eating much will get you back to normal.”

Hmmm.  Looking at her in her skinny jeans I seriously doubted that she had embraced holiday eating with such abandon as me.  However I decided she was probably right and I just needed to get back on track.  As you can see from Kirstie’s earlier post (Put down the cheese), this is a pretty pressing New Years Resolution shared by many of us.  And to give you a bit of a start have a look at the Diet and Wellbeing Forum.  It’s a mine of information with discussions on diet and fitness, lots of honest advice and real life experiences.

All of these groups are active on Twitter and on the daily Blather too, join in, we’d love to see you in 2012!

And if anyone is interested in setting up their own Diet Diary on the forums and letting us know how they’re getting on with regular updates – go ahead, we’d love to see it.

But for now – how the heck are you all feeling after Christmas?  As bloated as me?  Or were you not too bad?  Tell all!


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32 Replies to "Little pickers wear bigger knickers. Forum alert: top diet and fitness threads"

  • babodpower says:

    I cried when i stood on the scales! I’ve put up 4lbs,and am heading to my aunts for one of her big slap up family feeds… I have no willpower! Next week i’ll get back to normal and maybe the “Bloating” will die down..

  • Julie says:

    Its raw fruit and veg and green tea for me today and then hopefully just back on wagon tomorrow with lots of power walks. Hopefully i’ll be back to normal by next weekend. Oh the tins of roses #shameonme

  • boredmum says:

    luckily i don’t seem to put on too much weight at christmas in fact for some reason i tend to loos weight at christmas, Unfortunately this doesn’t happen for the rest of the year, quite the opposite in fact, gonna be giving up the fags this week so can guarantee at least half a stone being piled on in the next week or so

  • candi says:

    back to WW pointing today, christmas feast was only meant to last 2 days, er lasted til the last mince pie was eaten last night, but I got to my goal weight last year so a few pounds will be gone in no time. Not going to weigh myself until next wednesday week though when I will go back to WW. Hopefully will be back to normal by then!!!

  • Cel says:

    Kick up the arse for me…….

    Thinking of rejoining weight watchers again, i think i’ve maintained my weight loss (well the majority) but I know I could loose those extra pounds to get me down to 10 stone……last time I weighed myself I was 10stone 11 pounds (i think, well roughly!)

    Hot yoga I’m joining aswell!!! (yoga in 40 degree heat? sweat baby, sweat!)

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    Got up this morning to the smell of bacon grilling… couldn’t resist… AAAGH diet derailed already!

    Had last blowout last night with delicious dinner out and lots of wine. It’s the straight and narrow from now.

    I think it will be the GI diet again for me – it really works – here’s the forum thread about it

    Oh my god when I went to thread I saw my first post was about the very meal I had last night. Sensing a pattern here…

  • Chris says:

    I hate being a good cook. I make so many yummy things. For my in-laws I made a white chocolate tart with apricot-brandy glazed grapes and a nut pastry crust. You can see how difficult it is for me to stop stuffing my face. :P

    Seriously, I think I’ll take a break from baking and go for more walks.

  • VanillaLime says:

    Chris that sounds delicious!!

    Another person here who badly needs a lot of long walks and big servings of veg!!

    Am also contemplating going back to Weight Watchers – would love to lose a stone by the summer.

  • ladyjane says:

    I have had a cup of tea, two dry crackers and a slice of toast all day. No it is not a fad diet but the result of a stomach bug. YUK! Joined a gym last week and am determined to get back into my lovely clothes again, get my good mood back and enjoy the feeling of being fit and healthy. Pre joining I dreaded it but now I look forward to going.

  • Rosaleen says:

    I am seriously worried that cheese will be the death of me, totally addicted. I’ve turned vegan in the last few months but I’ve been substituting meat with sweets, ice cream, anything sweet or cheesy that I can get my hands on!
    I think keeping a Diet Diary will really help me to kick this new habit!

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