Lisa Eldridge Vs Pixiwoo: You Tube can be a nasty place

By Aisling | June 5 2012 | 44 Comments

On Saturday the very lovely makeup artist Lisa Eldridge  posted this remark on her Facebook page.

Seriously thinking of stopping putting up videos on youtube as my background, poster frame style, content, personal make-up philosophy and just about everything else is now being completely ripped off….. wish they would get their own ideas…

I recognized this instantly for what it was when it was discussed on the Blather today.  It was just the frustrated thoughts of someone who is sick to the back teeth of being copied.  Of seeing their original ideas ripped off and presented by others.  So she was fed up.  She didn’t mention any names.  She didn’t blame anyone.  And she was very mild in what she said.

Instantly her fans jumped in to protect and champion her but a minority went too far and began to attack Pixiewoo, believing them to be the copycats.  And in anyways it seemed to be something to do with spot concealing videos that were quite similar.

And for the record we think Pixiwoo are very lovely and talented also, so I didn’t read any of the YouTube comments or finish reading the Facebook comments.  I never read YouTube comments – I value my sanity too much.  And I don’t know enough of these women’s work to know anything about who (if anyone) might be copying who – but copying is a fact of life on the Internet.  It’s frustrating and sometimes soul destroying, but it just…is.

There were calls for Lisa to take the Facebook post down.  People didn’t feel she should be saying these things, that they were irresponsible and petty.  WHAT THINGS?  She just spoke about how she was feeling.

Neither Pixiwoo or Lisa Eldridge have said a word – they can’t. Everything they do say will be twisted and held against them anyway, people will think what they want to think, so just let em at it.

YouTube seems to be the worst place for unbridled venom and that’s  one of the big reasons that you need to have a set of balls on you to enter that arena in the first place.  Entire forums exist to vent rage, spite and pure nastiness about YouTube make up artists.  It’s one of the most vicious places for anonymous commenters ever.

But the work that Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo do is great and I hope neither of them will be put off by this.  Put down the dueling  mascaras, fans you’re not helping those you love.  Let’s have a ceasefire.



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44 Replies to "Lisa Eldridge Vs Pixiwoo: You Tube can be a nasty place"

  • LynnieDoll says:

    You tube is notorious for Internet ‘trolls’…your right AIsling, nasty arena. I’ve stopped reading the comments people put up on there. Thet can be pure evil, amazing how brave they are behind their laptops!!!!,

  • baby in a corner says:

    Aw – I think Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo are the best youtuber MU artists. I really really enjoy both their videos and am sad to see this! Both have completely different styles – Lisa takes inspiration from her own work and catwalk trends while Pixiwoo copy celebrities style for the most part – but both are brilliant!

  • Scarie says:

    I love both Lisa Elridge and Pixiwoos. Another MUA, was slagging off Lisa Elridge recently which was horrible. was saying she name dropped but of curse didnt name her until people named her in the comments. Trolls are horrible people. Horrible to see such talented people having such bile directed towards them

  • Helz Nguyen says:

    Wow, this is HUGE! Well at least for me since Im a fan of Lisa and the Pixiwoos girls.. but it is seriously lame, if they are the copycats. I think in the world of Youtube, nothing can stay original for long and make as their own – once it hits thousands of views and more, immediately every Youtuber wants a piece of it.. Since those views does turn into money!

    For those nasty immature comments on Youtube, I always think they are from punch of 11yrs old kiddos – tho words cant harm you, but they can surely hurts!

  • Aisling says:

    Helz – that puts it into perspective! 11 year old kiddos, you’re right

  • Littlesis says:

    This is a real pity, both Lisa and Pixiwoo are really brilliant makeup in their own rights and pitting them against each other is just petty. People copying others’ ideas is no new thing but the Internet makes it so much easier and visible too.
    Hope both of them keep making videos, Lisa is a bit of a style icon of mine!

  • I think one of the main points here is that both Pixiwoos and Lisa have ‘fans’ as opposed to followers and they are on a whole other level to your regular beauty YouTube viewers. ‘Fans’ feel massively protective on a far more personal level than let’s say, admirers or followers, and therefore they post more vehemently than most of us would. I don’t watch YouTube videos but know both parties; they’re all genuinely delightful, and you’re right that anything they do say in their defence will only add fuel to the fire. In my experience, neither are given to voicing any opinions like the one above unless very sorely tested and in fact, both parties act with the utmost dignity at all times.

    Copying can just as easily be coincidence; I mean, concealing spots? I think that is one of the most googled beauty terms in the whole world. The chances of more than one person doing it are extraordinarily high. Even on the same day, or even in the same hour!

    I’d say that staying well out of it is the best course of action in respecting the dignified silence that they’ve all maintained.

  • Aisling says:

    BBB you’re so right – either party will be hung if they say anything. How can Lisa be responsible for what her fans rush off and do? How can Pixiwoo defend themselves?

    They can’t or it will just make it worse.

    They’re working in the same area, obviously topics will overlap

  • Lorraine says:

    When I saw that, I immediately thought Pixiewoo. I watch all of their videos and noticed a big change recently, using the same sort of editing and captions as Lisa. I copped it before anyone said anything and just assumed it as innocent, that they both had the same agency edit their videos or something. Some of the phrasing above is similar.

    I do like Sam and Nic, I do – and I don’t wish trolls on ANYBODY, but it looks like they have been influenced by Lisa, and they should give her a shout out. I say myself that years of reading Beaut before I started my own blog had an impact on my writing style – it’s not a crime. Poor Lisa, it’s the most frustrating thing to have your stuff ripped off.

    • CapsulateIon says:

      I agree with Lorraine. I’ve followed Lisa forever so I can say for certain this is most definitely her style from day one and she does it so impeccably that one never feels annoyed watching her videos. Theyre always brief, to-the-point and never over the top. And the zooming is always perfect. Now let me say I’ve watched Pixiwoo videos too every once in a while and I dont remember them having this format forever. Really disappointed to see the video that has been put up in comparison. When I played it I realized all those painful spots where the MUA is trying to mimic Lisa. Not only in the lighting and the style but also the choice of products and brands, the hand movements, the little pieces of jewellery and the way of conversation. Dear God! This was torture. Very very disappointed in Pixiwoo, they have one less subscriber from today!

      • Nur says:

        I don’t think the sisters will be fazed by losing one subscriber like you. For the record I love both Lisa and Pixiwoo. I adore Lisa for her personality and I’ve learnt so much from watching her tutorials. The same goes for Pixiwoo. Having fans who are hateful and so quick to condemn the other party isn’t doing any of them any favours. We should be assuring Lisa that we love and appreciate her work instead of slagging off at other MUAs who try to draw inspiration from her work.

    • Nur says:

      I agree with you that they might have taken inspiration from Lisa with regards to video editting and the background setup. I don’t think that is such a bad thing. If anything it’s a compliment to Lisa. She is an industry veteran who’s highly respected by fellow makeup artists and the Pixiwoo sisters are no exception. I enjoy seeing their work and I’ve learnt alot from them. I hope this conflict has resolved by now. It’s sad to see my favourite makeup gurus at odds with each other.

  • It’s not only the Pixiwoos who brought up the issue of acne last week, gossmakeupartist did that too in the context of celebrities. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    But what I really wanted to say is that I absolutely love watching make-up tutorials and every day I hope to see something new but I feel that all make-up artists have reached some sort of dead end. All tutorials follow the same pattern of foundation, concealer, blush, then on the eyes lighter eyeshadow in the centre, darker in the outer corner and the crease, blend here and there, liner round the eye and it’s done. Only the colours differ. What I’m saying is that it’s really difficult to figure out who copies whom if actually everyone everywhere presents the same make-up all the time (with the exception of creative or Halloween make-up tutorials of course).

  • Gossipgal says:

    How many ways are there to use a concealer on spots and get it to last all day.

  • Gyudy says:

    But… Yes, the video and the products are very similar… But, even though I immediately noticed that, I just thought that it’s the best way to cover acne! The only problem I think are the products which are pretty much the same (Clinique and Vichy…), but I don’t really see an enormous problem. But I totally understand Lisa, I just don’t think they’ve done it on purpose…! (also, about the background… It’s not their first video done this way!). About the comments… They mostly don’t deserve a word, especially under famous youtubers.

  • sevda says:

    I too noticed a sight change to the pixiwoos but I assume they are trying to keep their channel fresh.

    I watch both and lisa wins by a hair, just a personal opinion.

    I would think it’s impossible not copy or be copied in this industry.

    And isn’t it the highest form of flattery?

  • Molly says:

    I never heard of Dermablend until I watched that video by Lisa months ago. Would have thought most MUAs would have just used concealer. Dermablend is just super thick foundation- I have it, its great but quite heavy.

    Also in Lisa’s video she made the point that you shouldn’t cake areas of the skin that are clear…So there are a few coincidences..

    Like the Pixiwoo tip of dabbing your loose powder in especially over heavily concealed areas, I would have just swept it on

  • Hear hear Aisling – this made me sad, too

  • Rebekah says:

    Sam from pixiwoo often mentions Lisa as an inspiration, but its so far beyond the point. The fact what they both do is inspire women all around the world and allow them to appear more confident simply by sharing a few makeup tips is unbelievably valuable. Hip hip to all of them.

    On another note, why do trolls think that anybody cares about their opinion when its so nasty? Its incredibly sad and immature. We should dedicate time to the lovely comments people post because there are tons of them!

  • Fee says:

    I subscribe to Lisa on YT but not FB and just happened to see the post as another friend had liked it. I had to read the comments to figure out who she was talking about as I have never watched a Pixiwoo video; ironically I don’t watch many YT make-up tutorials as I find them all too samey!

    • Caroline says:

      well, these picture says it all.

      with that being said, i don’t mean to say one is the copycat of the other.
      we are all familiar with the concept of “There’s-Nothing-New-Under-The-Sun” right?
      fashion, as well as beauty trends are pretty similar ALL over the world. strike that. pretty much the same i think.
      so it all comes back to your preferences.
      which is a better “guru” for your style of make-up.
      who is inspiring you more, because let’s face it, BOTH are brilliant but we wouldn’t wanna be another “copycat” , would we? :) we should have our own style and we must have our own staple products that actually suits our skin condition and our skin tone.

      i also think it’s pretty presumptuous for one to claim one is more superior than the other in the same industry. even though it’s a dog-eat-dog world, let us not all be “dog” ? :)

  • liloo says:

    my two pence. I remember seeing lisa’s acne coverage video ages ago. I also remember seeing pixiwoo’s video recently. At no point I thought pixiwoo were ripping off lisa. I love both pixiwoo and lisa. I blame the youtube mob here: why attacking pixiwoo when lisa didn’t even blame pixiwoo.
    you cant even do a acne video these days and be accused of copying someone? Pfff. *rolls eyes*

  • @Coco


    I know you probably found that photo online, but who would go through all those videos and copy / compare etc. MAD!

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