Khloe Kardashian’s Chanel Rain Nails: A How To

By | September 11 2012 | 23 Comments

Love them or loathe them the Kardashian clan are never far from the public eye and for the most part I don’t pay much attention.   UNLESS  of course we’re talking nails.

When Khloé twitpicced her Chanel Rain nails on Thursday I knew I had to have ‘em. While the design may also divide opinion, I’ve an inkling it#s about to become very popular indeed.

Because we’re big fans of making brand new trends accessible round these parts, I’ve put together a simple step by step pictorial so you can achieve the look before anyone else (except Khloé) without the salon prices.

The most important tool in a design like this is a daycent nail art pen. My choice was Wah Nails for Model’s Own, you can pick one up online on in larger Boots stores.

1. Start with a flesh coloured base to set the design apart, I’ve used two coats of Avon’s Naked Truth.
2. Using the brush side of the nail art pen, line out and fill in your tip.  You could always use a French Tip guide or tape, if you’re unsure.
3. Each nail has 4 or 5 paint drippings. Begin each by placing a dot on the nail bed and using the nib to connect them to the tip. Soft even pressure on the bottle works best.

4. One or two random dots make the drips seem more authentic.
5. On your middle nail, paint a white tip using your white polish. Then carefully draw your two Cs. Not gonna lie, this took a little practice.
6. Coat all nails liberally with a clear high shine top coat. Seche Vite is a favourite of mine as it won’t smudge your work (painstaking Cs especially).

Of course this design looks best when the polish appears to be dripping, which means upside down… which means whipping your hands up when people ask to see them because they will ask to see them.

Personally, I can’t stop looking at them. I now not only have the badonkadonk of a Kardashian but also the fashionáblé manicure. It’s like I  AM one of them. Nearly.

What do we think? Will your nails be wearing Chanel Rain?

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23 Replies to "Khloe Kardashian’s Chanel Rain Nails: A How To"

  • daisydaisy says:

    Love them and yes this design is going to be huge….Sally Hansen was tweeting from NYFW at the weekend back stage and this design was done on white nails with red drips!! Love it…

  • Grace says:

    Oh dear, I’m not sure about these, they give me the heeby geebies a little – looks like someones just been clawed at?! Is it just me? Imagine they’d be outright scary in red, no..?

  • Patricia says:

    Sorry – but am not loving those nails at all. They look messy to me. Not that you haven’t done a good job on the nails – but the design itself.

  • Freckles says:

    Really can’t make up my mind about this one – probably cool for the fashion show but in ‘real-life’ am a bit unsure. Liked it in your pics though Aisling but not sure if I could pull it off.
    Tried the ‘paint drips’ version on my thumbs and that looked ok-ish but all in one colour and on every nail is a bit strong for every day.

  • le smurf says:

    Definitely not my favourite of your nail posts Sue! :(

  • OtherMary says:

    I think it is cool, although the double Cs are a bit silly, and were so on Khloe’s nails. This would also be cool in red….or green!

    I don’t like the Model’s Own nail art pens all that much. The nib end is not precise and the brush end is too long. Little paintbrushes are better and can be used with any polish/

  • *Aisling* says:

    Sorry everyone – was not me – post attributed to me by accident! This is all Sue’s brilliance – sure you know I can barely paint my nails x

  • *Aisling* says:

    Having said that, I do like the gothy look of it!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Daisydaisy we knew about the Sally Hansen alright – could you send me the tweet link and I’ll stick up the pic?

  • I love them Sue – although, weirdly, for a big ol’ Chanel lover like me, I think I’d prefer ‘em without the double Cs!

  • Gracie says:

    I’ve been told that I have a tough chic vibe and I might be the only one dancing with joy that 90s grunge is sort of back in fashion. So, in theory, I feel like I should be loving these nails. But I’m really not liking it. Don’t get me wrong, obviously Sue was very skillful in re-creating it. But the look itself is just… bad (sorry!).

  • Hate the kardashians and hate those nails (having said that thought you did an AMAZING job at getting the look right, I’d never be able to do that!)

  • I love them! I think they’re gothy and would be brilliant for Halloween without the double Cs.

    Well done Sue :)

  • bsharp says:

    Maybe it’s just me but the the double-c looks like an eye with tears coming out of it, I definitely did not get that it was the Chanel logo until I read the post!

  • Sabrina says:

    Love them, good job Sue.

  • Yay, I do love a good divided opinion.

    These are definitely not for the faint of heart but it looks like the new trend for nail art is going to be drips – maybe the black is a little harsh but like all nail art designs, the colours can be played with.

    TracyLee, nail artist, created a very similar look for Prabal Gurung’s New York Fashion Week runway this week using burgundy on a pink base. It’s done using the same technique and might be a little more wearable day to day.

  • littlesis says:

    I like these, the sheer madness of them! I don’t know if I’ll be trying them myself as I’m bloody awful at nails but cool to look at :D

  • Denise says:

    I think they look super, but I don’t like the idea of the Chanel logo on nails. It’s a bit tacky to me…sorry!!

  • Joanne says:

    I love them sue!! I saw them posted on instagram but thought they would be way too difficult to do myself, but as always, you rock at it!! :)

  • Shanna says:

    LOVE the drips, hate the C’s. Not your C’s, the general idea of C’s x

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