Jo Malone Plum Blossom to Launch in May

By | March 21 2012 | 7 Comments

Jo Malone Plum Blossom

Here’s a sneaky peek at the next limited edition launch from Jo Malone. It’s Plum Blossom, €84 for 100ml, and in keeping with the new direction the brand is taking, it’s youthful, it’s got a patterned bottle with a ribbon accent and it’s fairly sweet too.

File it next to launches like English Pear and Freesia and Wild Bluebell, both developed by Christine Nagel, the perfumer of choice for the brand of late. Her scents seem designed to appeal to a younger audience and while they’re definitely less gourmand than the Jo Malone fragrances of old, they aren’t saccharine-sweet, something I loathe.

Jo Malone Plum Blossom

And for some bizarre reason in youth perfumery, saccharine is also synonymous with vanilla, which makes things even more gick.

However, all of the recent Jo Malone launches have neatly side-stepped this and while Plum Blossom is undeniably sweet, it isn’t remotely sickly. It’s nice – I had a sniff a month or so ago and liked what I inhaled. It’s fruity and also floral and the sort of daytime fragrance that’s office-appropriate, really pretty and easy to wear. Definitely one that’s not going get you sent to the boss or the office naughty step for gassing your colleagues.

Look for it on counter in May.

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7 Replies to "Jo Malone Plum Blossom to Launch in May"

  • ceci says:

    I love Jo Malone fragrances, but they don’t last on me as they are colognes. So disappointing as they really smell gorgeous.

  • Fiona says:

    Kirstie, did you have a sniff of the peony and moss one? I like the idea of how it smells, imagining all sorts of deep earthiness to it.

  • Ellie70 says:

    €84? Ellen falls down.

  • Kirstie says:

    Ellie – yeah they are pricey but you do get 100ml, which is a lot.

    Fiona – no, not yet but I do intend to! Will be in the airport tonight so will see if I can manage a squizz.

  • Neasa says:

    At 84 euro, I don’t think this will be appealing to the youth market!

  • Macloon says:

    I smelt the peony and moss one. Gick.

    It sounds as if it would be a nice well rounded scent, but it’s not, it’s cat.

  • csarina says:

    Pomoegranite Noir Forever. It’s the only one that really really lasts on me, the rest just go after 10 minutes.

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