Jared Leto: high fashion fool and GQ’s Worst Dressed Man in the World

By Aisling | January 26 2012 | 29 Comments

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Two pretty major things happened to Jared Leto in the last few weeks.

One: he turned 40 on Stephens Day.  This alone was incredible.  He looks like a 20 something and makes me seriously want to know: what’s his so called anti-aging secret?  He hasn’t a line on his face and possesses the fresh complexion of a teenager. Can we put it all down to his strict vegetarian diet?  No, I think he must be sacrificing virgins at midnight and drinking their blood. There’s flippin’ black magic at work here – has to be.

He’s a movie star, he’s in a rock band (30 Seconds To Mars), he’s the face of Hugo Boss.  He’s incredibly handsome, got the body of a god (well apart from that time he was playing a fat guy) and more money and associated perks than most men can ever dream of.

But the thing is Jared Leto seems to be a bit of a tit.

jared leto fashion choices

His fashion sense is widely regarded to be in the toilet.  And this has led to the second event.  A regular on worst dressed lists, GQ hilariously calls him “a high fashion fool” and reckons that his eccentric fashion choices, which include the regular wearing of skirts, Uggs, Snuggies, mesh vests and hairstyle disasters like mullets mean he’s standing out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons.

With the dropped crotch harem trousers, a variety of “fun” animal scarves/hats and the rocking of a convincing Bruno Mars impression, Leto is jumping on every conceivable fashion bandwagon going and it’s doing him no favours.  GQ has named him Worst Dressed man in the World 2011 – and god knows he had to beat off stiff competition for the title.

What do you think of this decision?  Should they have left Leto alone – can you think of a worst dressed man?

Bet you can! Do your worst!


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Pic credits: gq.com; buzzworthy.mtv.com; sodahead.com; fanpop.com
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