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How Much Abuse Have You Given Your Hair Over The Years?

By Aisling | March 2 2012 | 29 Comments

hair abuse

It’s our crowning glory (well it’s supposed to be), we spend an absolute blinking fortune on it and much fretting and worrying and “getting it done.”

And yet it quite often looks like shit.  Bad hair days are the bane of EVERYONE’S life and I just seem to be living a bad hair month at the moment as opposed to a mere day.

Is it any wonder though?  Over the years I’ve had:

  • highlights
  • lowlights
  • bleach
  • changed colour a few times
  • perms (sssshh don’t tell anyone!)
  • medical drugs that savaged my hair
  • regular straightener sessions and blowdrying

All that heat.  All that colour.  All that stripping and dyeing and all those harsh chemicals.  Is it any wonder my hair is suffering and it ends up getting stuffed in a ponytail way way too often?

What about you?  What have you had done to your hair – and would I be right in guessing it’s most of the above?

(For tips on how to repair badly damaged hair and product recs read How to repair hair after colour stripping)

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