HELP! Addicted to crappy game shows! Any advice?

By Kitty | November 28 2012 | 20 Comments

As I’ve been working from home for the past few weeks, due to my leg being stuck in a cast, I’ve found myself getting increasingly addicted to game shows and quiz shows. There are the ones that I’ve always liked, such as QI, Countdown and University Challenge (getting one of Paxman’s questions right results in high fives in this house), as well as Only Connect, for the fiendish questions and Victoria Coren’s delightfully acerbic wit.

It seems the more convoluted a show is, the more I like it. Think Mitchell & Webb’s Numberwang or Bamboozle from the episode of Friends where Joey was auditioning to be the show’s host (I’ll take a Wicked Wango card!). If it’s a pain in the arse to explain, I’m in.

This is why I absolutely love Pointless. Not only do you have to give a correct answer, it has to be an answer that no one else would think of giving. We played the board game version of it recently with a group of friends and it was utter chaos. Half the room hadn’t a clue what was going on, but it was great fun nonetheless.

I’ll also find myself getting stuck into The Chase, which is great for quickfire question rounds, Breakaway, for people selling each other out for a few hundred quid and sometimes Eggheads, although it’s not often that I can stand the sight of CJ’s smug face.

So, do tell me I’m not alone in my love for ridiculous and complicated gameshows. Have you got any favourites? And do you hate CJ off Eggheads and his stupid shirts too or am I being unnecessarily mean?

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20 Replies to "HELP! Addicted to crappy game shows! Any advice?"

  • Louise says:

    Oh we love pointless in our house! We tape it every evening and then watch it when we get home from work. We haven’t watched it in a few weeks now though so we have about 15 to watch! The joy!

    We even have a pointless dance and everything! When we get a pointless answer we do the dance!

    Love Richard and Alexander! If its not bread…’s Toast! (A catch phrase they are trying to get to catch on! lol)

    My hubby is super intelligent and often gets a pointless answer (or three!), so when I get one I feel very brainy indeed!

  • Ola says:

    University Challenge is the only one worth watching for me! Pure class. For something a little bit more trashy, I’d go for “The Million Pound Drop”, though the people are usually incredibly annoying.

  • *Aisling* says:

    Listen I am DEEPLY ASHAMED to admit this – but I used to be addicted to Deal or no Deal on my days off

    Also Kitty I am laughing at the line in your post “As I am WORKING from home” Does your boss know about this quiz situation? I think I should ring her

  • Eyelash says:

    I love Pointless – and more to the point Alexander Armstrong..there I’ve said it! Only Connect is only deadly.
    The one show that completely baffles me is Goldenballs. I can never make any sense of it.
    As for CJ *shudder* could do a whole article on the many products in his hair..

  • AoifeEile says:

    University Challnge is yer only man. Hate ALL the Eggheads, but CJ is definitely the worst. The way he rolls his eyes to suggest the question was patently ridiculous whenever he gets one wrong….Ugh!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Don’t watch too many quizzes but watch Eggheads if I’m at my mam’s for dinner. We both hate CJ too! Think he’s an arrogant little twit & love everytime he gets beaten. Same with yer wan on it who was the first Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner – Judith I think. Love the little old lady though on the Eggheads – she always seems to be rooting for the other team!

  • Karen Monoxide says:

    Daphne from Eggheads annoys the bejaysus out of me with that tittery laugh she always does. CJ is just awful; his hair, his shirts, his blatant use of eyeshadow and lipgloss!?
    My mam has a serious addiction to Deal Or No Deal, we always tease her saying she has a think for Noel Edmunds.
    Used to love The Weakest Link and Goldenballs, I love Pointless – watched it yesterday for the first time in ages. Also liked that question show with yer man from DIY SOS, Nick something-or-other.

    Okay, I didn’t realise I liked that many game shows.

  • Karen Monoxide says:

    A THING for Noel Edmunds, I mean.

  • Yay! I love that there are so many other Pointless fans out there! :)

    Ola – I do watch Million Pound Drop too when it’s on, but if the contestants are head wreckers then it gets switched over quick enough!

    Aisling – Yes, WORKING from home….Murder She Wrote was just on in the background you see, and I wasn’t really playing MarioKart earlier, the controller just FELL INTO my hand!

    Also good to see that everyone else thinks CJ is a knob too. Hate that guy.

  • ShuGal says:

    Love Eggheads, I think CJ is gone from it now so it’s safe to watch (& sad that I notice that)

  • ShuGal says:

    & hate when th eggheads give all the eaxtra info showing off, am screaming at TV “just anser the question you t**t”

  • Catgalliz says:

    Love, love, love Victoria Coren and her show ‘Only Connect’. She is amazing! Eggheads can be fun, haven’t watched it for a while, loved the Cockney ex-train driver, is it Chris? CJ is something else, I remember reading his ‘profile’ how he was a model in Germany and adopted a new surname, something like ‘De Mois’!

  • Rosamaria says:

    Another pointless fan here, love it. Anyone see the celeb one with Orville ( the duck) on a team? He won a round, because the other blasts from the past could’nt remember ANYTHING – they actually had to have a tie-breaker or they wouldn’t have got past the first riound!

    Hate Eggheads, too much waffle, not enough questions.

    University Challenge, now there’s a proper quiz show!

  • elpheroo says:

    Ooh its like a We Hate CJ Fanclub!!! So glad its not me and one of my irrational hatreds!
    Love University Challenge, after this wks episode there was an advert for a bumoer book of University Challenge questions!!

    ! Woohoo I made such a fuss that a certain someone would want to have dead not to get the hint for Xmas!!!!

  • Cleopatra says:

    Love love love QI… esp alan davis…Wit and intellect! Brilliant!
    Daphne from eggheads drives me batty…

  • Breige says:

    If I had the channels I’d def watch Pointless. I’ve seen it once or twice at a cousin’s house and it was right up my alley. I like QI are well

  • Sarabelle says:

    Nooo University Challenge isn’t crappy it’s amazing! If only for Paxman’s pure disdain for the participants when they get a question wrong!

  • mummypupper says:

    Daphne from Eggheads is a ruthless quizzer disguised as a little old lady,don’t let her fool you!!I was watching it in my mums one day when Daphne answered a question about Postman Pat,how did she know that,I asked my mum.She probably watches cartoons replied mum and then,slanting her eyes and in a very low voice said…..”for the knowledge”.I nearly died laughing,the image of Daphne speed watching box sets of Fireman Sam to glean all possible quiz info!
    And yes Shugal,why do they feel they have to dazzle us all with their extra knowledge,showoffs.
    Love,love love pointless.The rapport between Alexander and Richard is excellent,and they can both laugh at themselves which is refreshing.
    I gotta say,the head on that guy that does Goldenballs drives me mad,I know,he can’t help his head but I just keep thinking he’s going to start pecking like a woodpecker,I don’t know why

  • PinkPanther says:

    Oh God no, I’m afraid of University Challenge. Always feel somewhat lacking when I can’t answer a single question. And why do the contestants always look like teenagers they are from two decades ago?

  • Karen Monoxide says:

    Mummypupper, I just nearly died laughing at the Daphne part of your post!

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