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Heads slightly wrecked: Swap Siopa Changes!

By | July 9 2012 | 8 Comments

Hello all, Principessa here and I want to let you know about a few changes that have been made to the Swap Siopa process.  (Read this to find out about Swap Siopa, what it is and how to use it)

We’ve deliberated, cogitated and digested to come up with a new simpler way for swappers to leave feedback. Feedback is one of those double-edged swords if it’s in public.  Swappers are often afraid to be really honest about negative experiences in case the other swapper leaves them negative feedback too (remember ebay?), so we’ve thought of a way to make it easier.

  1. In the spirit of keeping it simple, the thread will now stay open until both parties have received each end of the swap and are happy.
  2. Both of you will need to post that you received your end (ooh er missus!) before the thread is archived. That way if you’re about to swap with someone you can see if their previous swaps went ok. Keep feedback simple, a line is fine.
  3. You’ll all be very happy to know you no longer have to put OFFERED in the subject line! Sing Hosannas! Praise the Sweet Lamb of Christ in all his mint sauciness!  No more posts being disapproved because they were missing the magic word. (But if you are looking for something you must put WANTED in the subject line).
  4. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few recent incidents of suspected swap-lifting (  so we’ve had to instigate a Watch List ( If someone is taking forever to send their item, they will receive a warning.  If they fail to respond to correspondence, their name will be placed on the Watch List so everyone knows not to swap with them. If it turns out to be a genuine reason that kept the swapper from the post office then we’ll happily remove their name.
  5. Please be sensible when you swap, if someone is new to the forum get them to post to you first. If an item doesn’t arrive when it should have, please let a mod know straight away, don’t wait to tell us. When you exchange names and addresses, consider exchanging mobile numbers too, so you can text when the item is posted/arrived.
  6. And if it’s you who hasn’t completed your part of the deal then please get a move on, ­ complete the swap or return the items you received. Everyone understands that life can sometimes be a bit much, no-one’s going to bite, just email the swapper, apologise, eat a bit of humble pie and get it over with.

Swap Siopa is built on trust.  It’s great when it all goes according to plan (which it generally does, thousands of items have been swapped successfully) so please read the guidelines and follow them.

Thank you all and happy swapping!

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