Five great Sunscreen Posts: slap it on. And then put a bit more on

By Aisling | March 24 2012 | 9 Comments

Before you rush bare arsed and bare faced into the sunshine this weekend, drunk with happiness and with feelgood sunshine chemicals coursing through your synapses  remember:

You WILL burn if you’re not covered up.  You might think you’re safe: it’s only Ireland in the springtime.  But honestly you need to be putting on suncream if you’re sitting in the back garden or out and about.

  1. Once the proper sunsafe markings are on the back of the bottle you’re protected.  But what are the bloody proper markings and what should you look out for?  Read this post to help you make sense of suncream mumbo jumbo, jargon and science.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a sun cream from Chanel or one from Aldi to be honest once you’re protected.  Read Sunscreen Monopoly to get a good overview of what’s good over different price ranges
  3. La Roche Posay Anthelios  is the one we love most of all for facial protection and we tell you why it’s so good.  We also have mucho love for Avene SPF 50 Emulsion and Clarins UV Plus
  4. There is no such thing as a sexy lobster.  Men must be dragged kicking and screaming to have suncream applied
  5. You need to use loads of sun cream.  Here’s how to tell if you’re using enough
Enjoy!  Crack open the Rose and have a great weekend!



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9 Replies to "Five great Sunscreen Posts: slap it on. And then put a bit more on"

  • Chris says:

    This summer, I will have to tie down the boyfriend and slather him with the stuff. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in suncream, he’s just lazy. He doesn’t look after his skin, but he’s still prettier than me. It’s really not fair. :P

  • Angelabdc says:

    But my eyes! I want to wear sunscreen but i don’t want to spend the whole summer in tears when the sunscreen drips into my peepers. This causes me no end of probs esp when it is sunscreen in foundation or tinted moisturiser.

  • ladyelvis says:

    I was extra good today and put SPF on my chest (telltale ageing area I think) before bootcamp AND then before I went out for a walk. Saintly! Husband-not a chance of sunscreen.

  • Ginger says:

    Angelabdc: for round the eyes, I’d suggest an all-physical (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) sunscreen. The Clarins SPF30 eye one is probably the most readily-available and is decent.

    Over the years, I’ve also used various physical-only ones that weren’t meant specifically just for the eyes, but were all-purpose for all over, more moisturizing, unscented, and generally more sensitive-skin-friendly: a matter of checking ingredients rather than just whatever the label says something’s meant for. I’ve met plenty stuff that was supposed to be all safe and sound for the eyes and then turned out to be pants, and irritating pants at that…

    In Ireland, one option would be Hamilton Sensitive (in McCabe’s). Otherwise, good stuff online from Australia and North America; and not expensive, even with postage, compared to prices in Irish shops!

  • ceci says:

    I bought Clinique City Block (factor 40) recently and am finding that really good so far. Oil free and has a slight tint. I don’t usually like having a tint but this one doesn’t bother me and evens out my skintone for the non-makeup days at the weekend.

    I’ve tried other face sunscreens from non-make up brands and find them far too oily for my skin. Would recommend to the oily skinned girls out there anyhow.

  • Aifs says:

    I used my La Roche Posay Anthelios factor 50 yesterday. I put some on my chest too. Boots have Ambre Solaire buy one get one free at the moment and Nivea at half Price so I picked up a Factor 30 and Factor 50 for holidays in June. Now I have my sun cream……must get the flabby body bikini ready!

  • Caron Dowell says:

    Now what would be good idea is a one of those spray tan things with a built in sunscreen has anyone come across it?

  • Sharon says:

    ULTRASUN is the ONLY sunscreen I use. Put it on once a day and you’re done until you wash it off at night.You can swin, perspire etc etc and it stays on! NO ugly white gooey gunge. Goes on so beautifully and is oil-free and sinks in like a dream. Has all the moisturising factors you need so you can put all your skincare on over if you need to but not necessary. Works fabulously as a primer as well.

  • Atkin says:

    No7 have a great sun screen for lips and Wes too. It looks like lip balm and is sweat proof.

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