Fight, Fight! Battle of the Nail Art Box Sets! Boots 17 Nail Clash Complete Collection Vs Frontcover Dark Arts

By Emma | November 23 2012 | 16 Comments

Nail Art Box Sets

Ah we love a good aul’ rumble and today, these two nail art kits are going head to head. On the face of it, this looks like a pretty even match and both seem like the ideal gift for that nail nut in your life this Christmas. But which one makes the best buy?

 Nail Art Box Contents

Left: Boots 17 Nail Clash Complete Collection; Right: Frontcover Dark Arts

There are obvious similarities with the packaging and contents, which raises a few questions – Frontcover kits used to be stocked in Boots, but they’ve now disappeared from the shelves, to be replaced with these Boots 17 alternatives. Hmm.


Boots 17 Nail Clash Complete Collection; nail glue included but not pictured

They’re priced fairly similarly – Dark Arts from Frontcover is £25, the 17 Nail Clash set is €26.50 – but you do get more product with Frontcover. You get four pots of nail art jewels instead of two,  and 6 tools as opposed to 5 (the extra one being a pack of dotting sticks which, handily, I’ve neglected to photograph! My bad.)

 kit contents

Frontcover Dark Arts; nail glue and dotting sticks included, but not pictured. That clear bottle is a topcoat, just f yer i!

And the quality? Ah. This is where Frontcover really streak ahead. Honestly, their products are superb for the price – the tools look identical but Frontcover’s are clearly superior, the Boots versions being stiffer and more cumbersome to use. Frontcover’s nail wraps are thinner and easier to apply (although neither stack up against Sally Hansen’s, which are genius) and as for the nail colours, there’s no comparison. The 17 versions are either old-lady-frosty or they streak  – the blue is the exception, it’s really rather good – but there’s not a single dud in the Frontcover kit.

Boots 17 Nail Clash Complete Collection and Frontcover Dark Arts Nail Art Kits

Availability wise, though, clearly Boots have the upper hand. But you can buy Frontcover from their website (which has amazing special offers which change every Thursday), in Sephora if you’re away foreign, or in one of a growing list of Irish pharmacies who have started to stock the brand.

Frontcover Dark Arts Nail Kit

Our winner! Sorry, Boots, you know we love you, but this one’s pretty clear cut.

It might be a little bit  more effort to get your hands on them – but it will be totally worth it. Pinky swear.

See what else we love from Frontcover here. Have you tried them yet? Are you tempted?

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16 Replies to "Fight, Fight! Battle of the Nail Art Box Sets! Boots 17 Nail Clash Complete Collection Vs Frontcover Dark Arts"

  • Therese says:

    Love Frontcover and frankly think its horrible of Boots to stock the brand until its a proven success, then dump them and stock their own knock off versions. The original brands do all the research, product development etc then Boots reap the rewards. Not very good for homegrown British business.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Qvc have started selling front over and I think I saw them in mccabes also…..

  • *Aisling* says:

    Clear winner here – thanks Emma!

  • Praxis says:

    Could anyone recommend a manicure set for a preteen? I don’t want one of those horrible kiddie nail varnish sets with gloopy polish. Would this kind of set be ok for a girl, under supervision. Thanks

  • Joanne says:

    Do you have a list of the pharmacies which are stocking Frontcover? Or have any of your lovely readers seen them about? This would be a great little pressie for my baby sis

  • Úna says:

    I adore FrontCover – disgusted that Boots won’t be stocking them this year, they were pretty much all I bought from their gift range. (One for you, one for you, one for MEEEE!)

    I got their little Blue Eyed Girl box last year – thought the colours were a little “old lady” but they looked fabulous on. Also got the little handbag shadows and shadowliner (genius idea, and actually holds exceptionally well, which I was massively impressed by). This was all on the back of the success of a kit I got my sister the previous year.

    Was waiting with bated breath for Boots to restock this year. Will now have to find a new stockist. Definite sad face.

    Thanks so much for this – it’s going on the Stocking list!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Joanne – we don’t as yet – (but someone might come on with a few sightings!) probably your best bet is to order from the website – they have zillions of kits, you’ll be in heaven!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Praxis – I would say yes – I know the kind of thing you want to steer away from! Overpriced pink tat?

  • Feefs says:

    Ooh I’m so tempted, even though I’m awful at doing my nails I still insist on buying loads of nail polish, and I think that nail art could be my next project… Is it the Frontcover website its available on?

  • Praxis says:

    Yes Aishling, overpriced pink princess tat made with absolutely no regulation of the contents, potential demo logical fire hazard… I hate that stuff

  • Cazzy says:

    Just FYI Front cover tweeted earlier that they have 20% off for black friday.

  • I have the stockist list! Will share as soon as I figure out how! X

  • Annie says:

    I clocked some Frontcover products in MacCabes in Dundrum last week. Didn’t get a closer look to see what they were (I thought it was the eye shadow palettes from a distance) but it could have been these. I wondered at the time how come MacCabes had them when it was usually a Boots thing – know I now.

  • Annie says:

    “know I now”?! Good lord, please blame that on Friday brain. “Now I know” even.

  • Aisling_eile says:

    They have front cover in Arnotts aswell for anyone trying to find it.

  • Defo gonna ask Santa for this <3

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