Facial hair removal: How do YOU get rid of it?

By Aisling | October 8 2012 | 60 Comments

We were sitting having breakfast on Saturday, reading the papers and drinking coffee.  Companionably – or so I thought.

But I was wrong.  I became aware that Himself was peering at me with a horrified look on his face.

“Eh, you know that salon you go to?  I’ll give you a lift to it later if you like.”

“What? Why?”

“Because you’ve got a ronnie on you that a grown man would be proud of.”

Horrified I rushed to the mirror.  It was true.  Ok I’ve been sick and probably let things slip on the personal grooming side – but this was bad.  I had a tache as luxuriant as Tom Selleck.  Ok so I’m probably exaggerating a bit – but not much.

I couldn’t get an appointment in any salon – it was Saturday and they were all booked up.  So ten painful minutes with a magnifying mirror and a pink Tweezerman and the job was done.  But I can’t do the bits below my nose – they hurt like bejaysus.  And sure no one notices them do they?


“I’m done!”  I announced triumphantly to Him when I was finished.

“Come here” he said, all the better to scrutinise me closely.  “No.  You’re not.  What about all the stuff below your nose?”

“But I can’t pluck that”  I wailed, throwing myself on the sofa in despair.  “It hurts!”

“What about that Immac stuff?” he enquired.  “I’ll drive you to Tesco to get some if you want”.

Readers, we did not go to Tesco.  Instead I slammed into the bedroom and cunningly (or so I thought) covered the lot with makeup.

“Hmmm better” he said.  “But you’ll still have to go and get it waxed or whatever the hell you get done in that salon where you spend a fortune.”

In my heart I knew he was right even though I hated him with a burning hatred.

But what do you do to get rid of your ronnie?  Wax, shave, hair removal cream, thread or pluck?


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60 Replies to "Facial hair removal: How do YOU get rid of it?"

  • LauraLou says:

    ooooooh youre a brave lady for plucking!!!

    I use nair, does the job, other than I think im allergic and it gives me a big red rash for a couple of hours, its grand.. i do it at night.. so people dont see me haha

  • CB says:

    I use the nads wax strips. They don’t hurt too much, they leave it a bit red so I prefer to wait until I have the house to myself for a few hours! I can’t believe you tweezed, ouch. The waxing is much quicker and not too painful.

  • OtherMary says:

    Burning hatred is the right reaction for him to even mention it. And to go on and on about it?! Tactless.

    I have very little facial hair. No sideburns, nothing on the chin. The bit of hair on my upper lip I thread every now and then. It hurts like a mofo the first few seconds and then gets better. Much easier and faster than threading eyebrows.

  • lilly says:

    Aisling, I had nearly the exact same conversation with my husband yesterday, tho he became very sympathetic when I explained through my sobs that it is caused by PCOS ( he’s even offered to give me the money for laser treatment) I tried the veet facial wax but it didnt remove a single hair so resorted to plucking. I find its not too bad if I numb the area with ice first.

  • Orla says:

    The thoughts of tweezing make my eyes water :( I get at it with the wax strips when I really have to do something about it.. which is often thanks to my dark hair :(

  • Nicola says:

    I use cream, although i get waxed other areas, the thoughts of leaving that til its ‘long’ enough would kill me. Mind you it does seem to appear over night, go to bed grand, wake up not so grand
    I used to go to school with a girl that bleached hers. All it did was make it more obvious!

  • Ellen says:

    I’m currently living in Oz and get threading done on my eyebrows and upper lip . Gives a really nice shape to eyebrows more precise than plucking or waxing

  • Lisa says:

    Threading. Yer only man. That said, I only really have the ould ‘tache, I can’t imagine threading much more of my face: I saw a woman having what appeared to be her entire face done last time I was in having my eyebrows mown.

  • *Aisling* says:

    Ah the joys of Jolene Creme Bleach. And the lovely orange mustache it would leave you with

  • ZsaZsa says:

    Veet facial wax strips – that way I can do it in my own time, and not spend a total fortune in salons

  • fififinx says:

    Waxing all the way. Either at home, or the salon. I do pluck the more recalcitrant hairs. Would love to get laser as I now have an abundant crop of terminal hairs (thanks Ma)but it’s way too spenny and apparently not as permanent as the marketing gurus would have you think. I thread the eyebrows and chin, but having had the lip done once, never again. I remember the Asian girls at school telling me never to thread anywhere where there’s no bone or significant muscle underneath, and, man!, were they ever right. I do wonder about that No No thingy from time to time, but I can just see the face on Hisself if I forked over 200 squids plus on a gadget that didn’t work. He’s the opposite of your lads, I can have a full-face beard and he wouldn’t notice ;)

  • Gracie says:

    I use this which is like a personal threader for my upper lip:


    I get my eye brows threaded by a professional.

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I luckily don’t have too much of a problem with this. Every so often the hairs right at the corners of my mouth will look a bit off so I just bleach them at that point. Couldn’t be dealing with threading or plucking or anything of the like coz terrified they’d grow back worse!

  • Atkin says:

    I get my upper lip threaded and it lasts at least 6 weeks. Love it. As for himself even mentioning it, now that would be a red rag to a bull. The cheek of him!!

  • Louise says:

    Nair works perfectly for me! I’ve also used a bleaching cream (think it was a Boots own brand?) and that also did the job

  • jezebel says:

    Can I just say how comforting it is to know that so many people share my pain? This is a subject that is very, very close to my heart. I’m very dark AND hairy (thanks, genetics!) and I’ve been fighting the good fight against facial hair since a group of younger school kids laughed at my beard on the way home one day *morto*

    I’ve suffered through YEARS of different types of laser/IPL/waxing (not to mention thousands of eurits) and finally, in the last couple of years, technology has created a laser machine that actually works (for me, anyway). I’m down to 4 top up laser sessions a year and it has, thankfully, changed my life. No more avoiding bright lights at all costs, and breaking out into a cold sweat the closer festival season comes!

    I was using a razor to remove everything, and it had such a bad effect on my skin, as well as my self esteem, so I *really* feel anyone’s pain if they’re going through the same thing now. It IS something of an investment, and a bit of a marathon to get there, but I would always be a strong advocate of laser hair removal for any brunette lasses like myself who are hacking away at the aul hair every day.

  • fififinx says:

    @ jezebel. Sorry to be so indelicate, but what kind of laser and how much per session?? I’d be really keen to get some sort of result that didn’t necessitate putting my hand over the mouth and chin whenever talking to another female

  • Aifs says:

    jezebel – where do you get your laser done? I have had laser before and it has only slightly improved the amount of hair. I don’t have a lot but what was there is pretty much still there bar a few strands possibly! I would fork out for it again if I knew there was a better chance of it working.

    witchgirl – I’d say you’re doing exactly the right thing for the small amount you have. I’m doing that at the moment now that I don’t get laser any more (laser wouldn’t work if hair was bleached)

    If you read the reviews of No No on Amazon, it doesn’t look great. Not that the results are awful but the quality of the device itself seems very poor. Pity.

  • jezebel says:

    @fififinx Not indelicate at all! :) I go to Laserway, and I know they use the Candela laser. Not sure of the machine model type or number or anything, but I would assume it’s on the newer end of the scale. If memory serves, my initial 6 sessions were around 500, and I pay about 50/60 now for top up sessions. Their prices do vary dependent on the size of the area being treated etc which I suppose would be discussed in a consultation.

    I know there are other salons across the country that would use the very same laser machine, so it’s worth shopping around fersure. Just make sure they’re not using an IPL machine and you’ll be grand, I have found them to be useless on my hair type in the past, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll just be throwing money down the drain.

  • Feef says:

    I must try the facial wax strips, I usually spend a half hr every Saturday plucking with my Tweezerman,it is painful but I am kind of used to it now.

    Due to having 2 small children and a lack of free time, I have often had to resort to waxing my own legs and bikini. Double ouch.

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