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Eyeko Skinny,Fat Brush Mascara review. Rebranded, priced upwards – are they worth it?

By Emma | April 23 2012 | 14 Comments

Eyeko mascara now comes with its own shield: allegedly for application (more on that anon), but it’s probably more handy for other stuff – like when the brand came under attack for their recent rebranding exercise. In a major overhaul, out went the Japanese inspired packaging and most of the existing product line, and in came a ‘mascara wardrobe’… and higher prices.

This all happened last year but the revamped mascara packaging tells us it’s been around for 10 years and counting. So, not a new product at all then, but a reformulated version of Eyeko’s original ‘Big Eyes’ mascara. Which prompts the question: why the jump up in cost, from £8.50 to £15/€18?

Eyeko would argue that the brand has grown up and the packaging and products have changed and improved, which is all reflected in the new pricing structure. Three types of mascara are now on offer, with a skinny, curvy or fat bristle brush, along with Skinny Liners in pencil and felt tip pen form, and Fat Eye Stick cream shadows.

I was sent the Skinny and Fat Brush Mascara to try out. The turquoise and pink packaging does feel higher-end, but I kinda miss the cutesy manga character of old. They’ve retained the squeezy tube, and you now get quite a gimmicky lash shield that’s meant to stop smudging on your eyelid. If I take up guitar, these could double as a plectrum but otherwise, I can’t see them getting much use…

The mascara is a different matter: the Skinny version provides length and definition, while the Fat Brush gives a fuller, fluttery effect. (The Curvy type, which I haven’t tried, is for curly ‘doll-like’ lashes – a potential dupe for Lancôme Doll’s Eyes?) They’re both priest’s-socks-black, and they don’t flake or go crispy or crunchy, meaning they layer nicely and you can top up to take them from day to night.

So, are they worth the money? It’s hard to say: they’re decent products, and you’ll pay around a tenner less than for, say, a Lancôme mascara. But can you forgive the price hike? Tell us in the comments.

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