Loving It: Estee Lauder Daywear Antioxidant BB Creme SPF35 – Review & Pictures

By Beaut.ie | February 3 2012 | 45 Comments

estee lauder bb cream

After a bit of a shaky start with this new BB from Estee Lauder (my skin was crap so everything looked rotten; I thought it was giving me spots but it turned out my period was just due, whoops!), I’ve decided that I’m actually really impressed with it.

The shade I was sent, fair, is a bit off for my skintone and it’s slightly too dark but everything else about it is pretty bloody spot on. So far, it’s the best BB I’ve tried. These products aren’t for everyone: they’re five minute rescues; they’re for good skin/time poor days or for those who don’t really want to wear a lot of base.

I happen to like that sort of thang and think that a BB is a much better performer for the morning rush than a tinted moisturiser – yeah, they do seem very similar, but the difference is these things are actually generally well put together, and my experience of tinted moisturisers is that they are not. Lashing some pigment into a fairly low-grade cream does not an excellent cosmetic experience make. Just sayin’ Stila, Laura Mercier, and all you other brands who let me down a bucket load and filled my chin full of Face Cheese.

estee lauder bb cream on the face

So, the Daywear Antioxidant BB Creme. At €40, it’s not cheap, but it’s ticking lots of boxes: a decent SPF of 35 and nice coverage that’s more than sheer, not shiny and which sets to look semi-dewy and stays put all day. And amazingly, the brightening optics and light-reflective pearls that I skimmed in the press release while my brows raised and my skeptical hat flew across the room from its perch and landed on my unimpressed head are doing something – this looks as fresh and brightening at 6pm as it does at 8.30am. It’s a great result.

It also seems to keep dry skin hydrated during the day as well; I’m not seeing settling into fine lines or any bitty disintegration the way you can sometimes with makeup after a few hours on the skin.

Price will absolutely kill off a lot of interested parties as will the limited shade choice but all in all, this is a very good BB.

Colour me impressed – if you’re keen, it’s available now.

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45 Replies to "Loving It: Estee Lauder Daywear Antioxidant BB Creme SPF35 – Review & Pictures"

  • dreamgirl says:

    Looks fab on you Kirstie – natural but with a healthy glow.
    Loving your blush too – what one is it?

  • Brass Neck says:

    Lovely! I have to say I’ve tried a load of BBs now, and still the best one I’ve come across is the 17 one, of all things. And in a really good pale shade too. I’ve become a complete convert to them – I wear alone or as ‘primer’ under mineral foundation.

  • Oh thank GOD. This is the very first reference I’ve ever heard to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser that wasn’t overwhelmingly positive and I didn’t rate it at all, was starting to feel very lonely!

    This looks very pretty on you.

  • Kirstie says:

    Blush is tom ford, flush. It’s so gorgeous but scarily pigmented so you have to go sooooo lightly

  • Simone G says:

    Agree, your skin is nice and dewy looking.

  • Fiona says:

    Awesome! I have a voucher burning a hole in my pocket and may just use it on this. Was thinking of using it on the Smashbox BB, alternatively.

    What’s the range of colour like, Kirstie? And do they have different products for dry/normal/oily skin à la No. 7? (please).

  • Banjaxed says:

    It looks lovely on you Kirstie! It’s a very natural look and basically looks like you have naturally, flawless, skin!

    I tried the Garnier one but it broke me out and was very heavily fragranced – how is the fragrance in this one? My problem is that I have a lot of blemishes and redness (Rosacea…) and need something to even out everything. I assume this doesn’t cover blemishes very well?

  • Aifs says:

    Your skin looks gorgeous Kirstie. I picked this up in the US last week. I love it! It’s not drying. It is a bit pricey at €40. I think it was $38. It might be a good one to pick up going through the duty free either.

  • Kirstie says:

    Fiona – they have two shades and this is the palest, and no, no different skin types so the No7 definitely wins on that score though the shade I have in that is a horrid poo brown so I can’t use it

    Banjaxed – it’s lightly scented, melony, but nowhere near as strong as the garnier one, I commented about that as well, it was very overpowering. In terms of coverage, it’s good, quite a decent level. I think the thing with these is they give a blurring veil, as opposed to a completely masking of everything, so you don’t get mega coverage but enough to slip the eye past the cracks and crevices. I er, hope!

  • sweetie1 says:

    Sounds great. I’d say it’d be a nice holiday\city break choice for summer too especially with the decent spf in it.

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