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Egg on your face? Rate your most disgusting table manners experiences!

By Karen | August 17 2012 | 66 Comments

‘WILL you stop staring,’ my husband muttered, through gritted teeth.

But I couldn’t, I couldn’t look away. The woman sitting at the table in front of me had the most appalling table manners I had ever seen and I was fascinated.

We were in a lovely hotel, having  breakfast, feasting not only on the gorgeous food, but on the beautiful views from the floor to ceiling windows.

Breakfast sandwich woman
Idly my eyes roamed the room, stopping to rest on a young woman, probably in her late 20s, making a breakfast sandwich for herself. With her hands.  Blithely she stuck her index finger into the yolk of her egg, swirling it around and breaking up the egg into pieces, before placing it on the bread. Ditto the bacon, broken up with her fingers.

Pausing only to lick each of her ten fingers with relish, she grabbed a sausage with her left hand and sliced it with her knife. Her fork was right there beside her plate, why she didn’t pick it up is beyond me.  Sandwich made, she cursorily wiped both hands in her napkin and tucked in. Incredibly, her boyfriend was sitting directly opposite her also making a breakfast sandwich but he was using his knife and fork. I don’t know how she didn’t notice the difference between herself and her boyfriend, everybody else in the restaurant did!

How important are table manners to you?

Tell us your best ‘worst table manners’ stories!

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