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Ear muffs: Winter wonderful, but would you wear them?

By Lynnie | October 30 2012 | 27 Comments

Last Saturday, I was out for a walk sans hat and nearly had my head blown clean off in the biting gusts of lazy wind that seemed to insist on trying to blow through me rather than go around me. Not that a hat would have necessarily have solved my head freezingness: I saw a very teeny tiny girl who looked like she might melt in her rig-out of bobble cap, scarf, gloves, and winter coat and boots but was clearly still struggling with the cold because she had her gloved hands clamped tight over her ears.

Keeping your lugs warm in winter without overheating can be a challenge, as that small anonymous urchin demonstrated so well. Sure, you could wear a hat pulled low over your ears but I find that if a hat is sufficiently insulating to keep my ears warm, it actually ends up being too hot for my head on all but the very coldest days. So I’m thinking – only thinking, mind – about taking a somewhat alternative approach and I’m wondering: could I pull off ear muffs?

A pair of fancy fluffy ones with interesting detailing might look cute and a bit vintage-y…

Topshop | Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams |  Accessorize

 Although one of these three would be freakin’ adorable paired with a casual coat for weekend walks…

Skinnydip ear muff headphones (genius!) at Debenhams | Pepe Jeans at ASOS | Accessorize

And lastly, for those who like to be coordinated in all things and favour a ’40s aviator style, it’s possible to match your muffs (oo er) to your sheepskin boots (and your budget. Who pays a hundred quid for ear muffs?!)

UGG Australia at Schuh | River Island at ASOS

In all honesty, and nice and all as they look on paper, I’m not sure I’d ever feel anything other than 5 years old  in them. What do you think? Do you – or would you – make like Kate Bosworth and wear ear muffs?

Kate Bosworth image via

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