CHRISTMAS PARTY DRESSES for every figure: Sorted!

By Jane | November 30 2012 | 23 Comments

All the years we whinged about having to go to the stupid office party and now many of us don’t have one to go to. And doesn’t it seem like the worst kind of torture that the shops are full of the most sparkly and glittery and blinging dresses EVER and you have nowhere to wear them? It’s even the year of the sparkly shoe for heaven’s sake.

I hope you have a party to go to. When I wasn’t working I always organised myself a Christmas party and this year I have two, so I’m very excited, but I’ll have to recycle.  I have a gorgeous black Karen Millen number I got in Kildare Village last year and another LBD I got in Dunnes the year before. 

So if you’re going to a Christmas party and have the cash to get a new dress here’s some of the best of what’s out there.

LBD (the little black dress)
The classic go to and there are millions of them out there in every style and size. It’s is certainly the best investment wise and with a little bling you can vamp it up if needed. If you are wearing an old one don’t forget you can easily update it with accessories, especially belts. If you’re tired of resorting to the aul LBD every time you’re threatened with dressing up then try one of these options instead.

ACBBD (the any colour but black dress)

This is probably just your LBD but in a different colour.  HOWEVER with everyone else in black you’ll definitely stand out in one of the many colours about this year. All shades of purple are a good choice if you want to do something different from the typical red dress.


If you’re feeling particularly daring, why not wear a white or a winter white dress into a room full of drunk people holding food? (N.B This is not an option if you have to wear so much fake tan that the dress comes home orange too). White looks amazing with silver or diamond accessories.


If you’ve got an edgier vibe in mind then dressing for your partner’s office party can be daunting. Don’t settle!  Go shopping now and for the love of god don’t conform. Find yourself and outfit that you will enjoy wearing, not one that is expected of you – a dress that will not crush your spirit!


Well, if you can’t find a sparkly dress this year then you never will! They are everywhere and some of them are beautiful. Most of them however, weight a ton and I can imagine having sore shoulders the next day! If you can carry one off, then you’ll look really fab.


Another classic that is very in this year and there are many to choose from. It is an ageless look, but a sophisticated one, so be careful not to choose something that is too old for you.


If you have a more formal event to go to, then you may have to invest in a long gown. These really are the epitome of elegance if chosen well and you should definitely go for a classic style as you will have it for years, and then just accessorise it to suit the occasion.


These dresses come with their own accessories and so are easily styled, but not as versatile so make sure you love it as next year it may be hard to change it up.


If you have a good figure then make sure to use it. Buy a simple dress and keep the whole look clean and you will look like a movie star. Makes all those hours in the gym worth it!

Hope you find the perfect Christmas party dress! Happy shopping!



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23 Replies to "CHRISTMAS PARTY DRESSES for every figure: Sorted!"

  • Sandy Beach says:

    I own c. 90 dresses, lots of which I’ve not yet worn/don’t fit (I’m something of a hoarder). Thirty of these are LBDs and yet when I go out for a night I want to stand out a little so don’t wear black. I need some serious help and this is the last article I need to be looking at!!!

  • I have found a lovely nude/pink one shoulder chiffon dress with sparkles on the shoulder on the Miss Selfrige website last month: price was reduced, they had my size, I did not think for too long before bagging it!! (Mind, knowing myself I will decide the day of the party that I don’t want to wear it after all and will be running everywhere trying to find another dress… as always)

  • Harto says:

    Where is the gunmetally coloured dress from on RHS of the second last row – FAB!

    Picked up a blck and silvery one for the office party from A Wear – will be (just about) work appropriate for the day and then will peel off my jacket, add a few accessoroes and be only gorgeous!!

  • littlesis says:

    I’m definitely in the ‘edgy’ camp, love a bit of leather!

  • Di says:

    Would ye have a product code for the blue long Wallis dress.. want to check if its stock in Wallis near me… thanks!

  • Eileesh says:

    I’d warn folks off that long black coast dress.. I have the knee length version & the thread that holds the pleating in place came out of it on the very first wear .. here I was coming back into a function room at a formal event and wonder why there was black thread all over the place, I was the source ! and that was early in the evening, we’d only just finished the meal!! Not a happy camper :(
    mind you I do have an unholy talent for getting clothes which threads detach in, if there’s one faulty piece in the entire stock you can be sure I’m the one who bought it. I’m contantly having to re-attach buttons, sequins & re-stitch seams.

  • Louise says:

    Ooh Aifs, that oxblood dress is gorgeous, want it!

  • EvieM says:

    I’m headed out tonight…to a 21st…I’ll be 34 in a few weeks, man I feel old. Probably the last year or two that i can still do short and sparkly without looking like mutton dressed as lamb so will be going all out tonight with a short cream chiffon dress covered in black, gold and silver sequins. I’ve just bought Essie Beyond Cosy nailpolish, a lovely gold glitter so I’ll be all dolled up.

  • Aifs says:

    Louise – thanks! :) It is fab on. I also got it with a 20% discount which makes it all the sweeter! :)

  • red*razors says:

    i saw a black savida dress in dunnes with pink peonies along the neck and hem, and a little prom dress kick to the skirt. held off a week til i had enough money and it had dropped from €45 to €30, and miraculously my size was still there! can’t wait to wear it. the shape and boat neck just really suit me. i’m so pleased!

  • Aifs says:

    red*razors – I’ve seen that dress. It is gorgeous!

  • Annie says:

    As someone who hates my upper arms, I always find it so hard to find a nice party dress with sleeves. Managed to pick up a couple in River Island this year but it’s usually a bit of a struggle. I have a few cute lacy bolero type things, but some dresses just don’t suit them.

  • Annie says:

    Ahhh ,pressed send before I’d finished. Meant to add that it’s nice to see a few dresses with sleeves included in this piece!

  • ams says:

    EvieM your post made me think of this picture I saw on reddit earlier today:

  • ams says:

    Annie did you see the sleeve things they had on off the rails by an Irish Co- basically just a little sleeve you wear under your dress – they are advertised on the Daily Fail today for M&S as well as spanx for your arms.

    Love sleeves myself as it saves on the old fake tanning.

  • EvieM says:

    @ Ams…he he he, that’s about right

  • Jo says:

    mmmmm dat feather dress! All the feelings towards it

  • Jane says:

    Girls glad you saw some gunas you liked. This country girl was up in the Big Smoke for the Christmas party – so much fun – so as soon as i get back to my laptop i will give you the deets you were asking for.
    Now, sleep or shops!

  • Jane says:

    Ok girls

    Harto – the gorgeous grey dress is from New Look and costs 65 euro.

    Di – the Wallis dress one i saw online
    Purple High-Low Maxi Dress
    Was £65.00 Now £45.50
    Colour: Purple
    Item code: 152655019

    Eileesh sorry to hear about your dress, you should bring it back.

    Annie, yes I made sure to include long sleeved ones as lots of you like them.

    Hope that helps girls
    Enjoy the rest of your day

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