Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Collection for April: Pictures

By | March 30 2012 | 6 Comments

bobbi brown longwear collection image

There’s another new launch from Bobbi Brown for April, and this one is all dedicated to longwear.  Six permanent long-lasting eye pencils, three new colours to join the existing Long Wear Cream Shadow range along with two limited editions, and a brand new mascara are all incoming.

bobbi brown longwear eye pencils

Check the mascara; it’s Intensifying Long Wear Mascara in Black, €24.50

bobbi brown longwear eye pencil

Long Wear Eye Pencils come in Black Plum, Black Navy, Hunter, Smoke, Mahogany and Jet. They’re €23 and promise to last for 12 hours on the lid. Having had one applied to mine, I’d say they’re pretty decent alright – creamy, very emollient and smooth, there’s no drag in application and they set. The shade range is also good and if you’re looking for a colour other than basic black, then worth the investment. For a basic black? I’d go for an Avon Supershock, personally.

bobbi brown longwear shadows

The three new Long Wear Cream Shadows are arriving in Velvet Plum, Cool Lilac and Black Violet. Two more will form part of the collection; they’re limited and the shades are Smokey Topaz and Berry Noir.

bobbi brown longwear shadows

bobbi brown longwear shadows

And a couple of pix of two of the Long Wear Cream Shadows snapped wild, in the field. Or y’know, on the counter, in Brown Thomas. The iridescent pinky shade is Cool Lilac and I think the other is Black Violet. Can’t swear to it though!

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6 Replies to "Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Collection for April: Pictures"

  • amelie says:

    Yammy. I always love Bobbi Brown beauty shots!

  • Kirstie says:

    me too! The longwear shadows are also amazing for use under powder shadow as a primer, they seriously do not move

  • Fiona says:

    Re the Avon supershock – the black is not in the current brochure! Only blackberry and gold are currently available, much to my disappointment. I’ve nabbed the blackberry, which looks a bit darker than the plum above.

  • Oh purrty!

    Fiona, you won’t regret Blackberry, I’ve bought another two since, they’re divine.

  • Polly says:

    Fiona, re the Avon black Supershock eye pencil, it’s in brochure 6’s clearance sale catalogue for half price at €4. Your rep will still be able to order it for you as it’s still current. I have the gold/fawn one and it’s very pretty!

  • Fiona says:

    Sue – I’m looking forward to its arrival :)
    Polly – dang! Put the order in through my sister, will ask if she can add to it. Thanks!

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