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Are Girly things and serious women issues mutually exclusive?

By Karen | September 11 2012 | 29 Comments

WOMEN, do you like sparkly nail polish, wearing runners and having fun with your friends? Well you’d want to stop, you’re in danger of becoming a ‘woman-child’ a girlhood obsessed saddo, wanting to extend her youth.

This opinion is courtesy of a Kindle Single excerpted on Jezebel, which claims that instead of watching Hunger Games with pals on a Saturday night and posting pictures to Facebook, we’d be better off watching the more ‘peer appropriate’ What to Expect When You Are Expecting and getting married.

Real women, you see, get married and have children and give up all that teenage nonsense, preferring economics, finance and other serious issues.  God forbid anything fluffy would enter the equation.

The author even references 41-year-old stand up comedian Sarah Silverman as someone who is ‘without any kids’ and who ‘almost always wears sneakers, jeans and hoodies’. The bitch! Imagine, a grown woman wearing a pair of runners. We’ve heard it all now.

Did you know that if you wait until later in life to marry you’re doing something wrong too? Over extending your adolescence it is and many women prioritize their careers over becoming wives and mothers. Even serious women journalists are becoming ‘women-children’ we’re told.


What about someone like me who loved the Hunger Games, book and film, likes all things sparkly, yet is married. How about that then? I’ve fulfilled one part of being a real woman, does that cancel out the sparkly nail polish?

Or how about those women who are Mums but aren’t married? Where do they fit in? Or women who don’t like sparkly nail polish, but love Katy Perry. Which box should we place these women in?

Opinions like this make my blood boil – accusing women of being children because they prefer some aspects of pop culture and like to wear jeans and runners? Forget their life experience, their education, their jobs and, you know, their right to be autonomous human beings. Let’s label them, pityingly, as women-children and be on our way.

What a tired, unimaginative, horrible dig at women.

How about you what are your views on this matter? Do ‘women-children’ exist and if so, is it something to be ashamed about?

Jezebel excerpted these opinions  from Girls writer Deborah’s Schoeneman’s Kindle Single, “Woman-Child.” 

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