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Best in Awards: nomination update!

By | August 7 2012 | 0 Comments

So you’ve nominated in the first round of the Awards and we’d like to say a HUGE, MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and enter in all their favourite beauty products.  One of you will win that iPad from Bitbuzz – so stay tuned!

As this is the second year of the Awards I was really interested to see the shape and make you’d put on things.  Would we have more or less the same list as last year – or have you discovered new loves?

Well there are thousands of votes so I’ve had only the briefest of glances – BUT I can tell you that from first look it seems as though new releases and old favourites are both represented – yay!

So what’s next?  We’ll shortlist from the nominations this week so we’re off to do the counting and we’ll have those shiny new polls for you next week!

Have a look at the Voting Process page to see how the voting works and have a peek at last year’s winners too if you fancy.


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