Beauty Flash! Liz Earle Colour collection has landed!

By Emma | May 8 2012 | 10 Comments

There was great excitement in the beauty world over Liz Earle’s first foray into makeup last year.

We liked her sheer skin tint a lot, and reckoned we’d soon be seeing more cosmetics from the brand. Well, today’s the day – Liz Earle Colour has just gone live with a capsule collection of products that, while we’ve still to get our hands on it, looks like it will go down a storm.

Made with the same botanical ingredients we know and love from the skincare line, the range includes ten brand spanking new products – from powder (€22) to mascaras (€16.25), eye pencils (€12.50), blusher (€18.50) and twelve shades of gloss (€15.25). As of now, there’s no eyeshadow or lipstick in the range, but fingers crossed for the future!
The shade range could be a real boon for our classic Irish colouring, too. Perfect Fix Concealer, for example, comes in seven shades, the first three being Extra Fair, Fair, and Fair – Medium. This is priced at €15.75. A darker shade of the brand’s Sheer Skin Tint, €23.75, is also being introduced, in Deep Bisque.

For now, Liz Earle Colour is only available online. Will you be trying anything from the range?

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10 Replies to "Beauty Flash! Liz Earle Colour collection has landed!"

  • Freckleface says:

    Would love to try out the range but I hate not beign able to try on makeup or at least swatch it before I buy.

  • Me too – though Liz Earle got around this with the Sheer Skin Tint by sending samples of the lighter and darker colours, so you could try them before opening the full size product. Be interesting to see if they do something similar with the concealers / face powders etc…

  • fififinx says:

    What freckleface said. But I s’pose I could always try the new Face Atelier stuff if I screwed up ;)

  • irene says:

    Liz Earle products are available at Wilde and Greene Shop, Milltown. Used to buy them online, til I discovered that shop!

  • Juniper says:

    Wilde and Greene have the makeup but not the brushes

  • vonfluffy says:

    ooo sounds nice pity wilde and green is too far away as id prefer to try before i buy

  • Donna says:

    A lot of complaining on beauty boards from her fans about the price of the stuff. I think they expected Avon prices. LOL

  • I think the prices are fair enough as long as they quality is there… and from I know of their skincare, I’mn expecting the same high standards!

  • lovelylady says:

    I love the sheer tint, I use it as a foundation most days. Its a really good match for my deathly pale face :)

    Need to order some more soon, so im hoping they might send out some samples of the new products with my order. Fingers crossed!!

  • Snowball says:

    I have a feeling this is a more expensive version of Avon who own them now

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