Blather: Wednesday

By Aisling | September 5 2012 | 33 Comments

Hola Humpday!


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  • Bobby Pins says:

    Your humps, your humps, your lovely lady lumps….morning all!
    A very exciting day chez Bobby Pins, I am flying home tomorrow yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeee
    Ireland, hold onto your hat, I am coming out to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    (and think about duty freeeeeeee. And remember that the word freeeeeeeeeeee may be somewhat misleading….especially if one is in a sleep deprived haze)

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Well WELCOME HOME Bobby Pins, you kept that little visit under your hat!!! So what then, no bar this Friday!!! Kidding. How long are you in the Emerald Isle for?
    The weather forecast is good for the remainder of the week however there not so sure about Saturday!! But sure aren’t you enough sunshine for us all. :)
    Have a very safe flight back to us.

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all!

    hows everyone?

    BP- have a great flight!

    LD- i poured boiling water of my seche base coat and it opened! Thanls! :D

  • LoCo says:


    woo hoo Bobby Pins hope you have a fantastic trip. Céad míle fáilte.

    Had great sleep last night the first in weeks, the difference; started back to pilates.

    Always sleep like a baby afterwards. Started new class in new place with new teacher was a bit daunting and I’ve gone from being one of the best in the class to one of the worst but I’ve paid up to December so going to stick with it. It’ll probably make me improve.

  • Bobby Pins says:

    Thanks all :) LD, I leave you in charge of bar on Friday as I will be somewhere in the air over eastern Europe at that point :)
    I am home for a month so lots of catching up and fun to be had. And tea. And chocolate hob nobs. And wine. And taytos. The sheer excitement of it.

  • Miss Star says:

    Very exciting Bobby Pins, happy travelling!
    Girls does anyone know are there any good dinner deals in Dublin at the mo? Heading in after work but totally brokio so be great to get something cheap n cheerful. Thanks a mill :)

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Miss Star, this place might be a bit too casual for you, but it’s very tasty, on Camden St.

  • Miss Star says:

    No casual is good! Had heard about Neon, great to get a rec Kitty in the City, thanks a mill. Not sure if I’ll get over there tonight though, gonna be in Grafton Street area. Sorry I should have said that first!

  • Aifs says:

    Bobby Pins – wahoo! have a safe trip back!

    I’m still buzzing around the place after getting my Robbie tickets. I found out a girl from college is going too so I can’t wait. I’m glad it’s only a week a way. I may burst. I have the day off so I’m going to go up and have a nose around the shops.

    LoCo – loved doing Pilates classes. I need to join again. Will do it with my friend when she’s finished her exams. That and hot yoga. Really enjoyed doing that.

    If you’re around Twinkletoes – happy anniversary! :) (same as myself & bf – not total stalker!)

  • Beth TV says:

    Morerning, Blatherers; what’s the story with the weather? Oh yeah, it’s the annual back to school sunny week, isn’t it? :) I was getting acupuncture last night for my back, forgotten how good it felt to be there :)

    Miss Star, that Italian on Chatham Street, 3 Steps of Rome, is really good and fairly cheap. If you go, it’s cash only but there’s an AIB beside it if you are stuck.

    Bobby Pins, we ought to have thrown a Blather meet for you lol

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