Blather: Valo’s Day

By Aisling | February 14 2012 | 133 Comments

You either love Valentines day or you’re massively indifferent to it.  Either way – let’s blather about it?


133 Replies to " Blather: Valo’s Day"

  • LauraLou says:

    Morning all!
    This week has been a pile of shite, to add to my misery with my tooth, im 99% positive I’ve a kidney infection. Poo.

    AND, I was cleaning my contour brush last night, and was helping the suds out, so was sqeezing ( not hard) on the brushes, & ALL the hairs came out, not the ferrule, the hairs came out of THAT. So basically its ruined. I’m devastated.

    Get me home :(

    Happy halmark day! :)

  • Morning all,

    Get well soon LauraLou and that’s crap about your contour brush.

  • BerG says:

    Morning, got in nice and early to get a run at things.

    LauraLou: Hope you feel better soon, your having a bad week. Did you make an appointment with the dentist.

  • LauraLou says:

    Morning girlies!

    BerG- no I haven’t. Not sure if I need to (in denial!) as the tooth is only coming through the gum. Rinsed with warm water n salt so hopefully that will help.

    Are there any good series out? Love true blood but I downloaded that n watched em all, 5th series only being filmed :(

  • Morning!

    Just about to leave the house, have left cupcakes & cards for the teenage hogs, though they may not see them till lunch.

    Think I’m finally seeing the effects of walking at lunch time again. Have a lot more energy through the day and am jiggered enough to sleep at night. S’all good.

    Any rosemantic plans for the day that’s in it?

  • Morning all, am back in work after a weekend of being sick and not leaving the house the whole time. Am feeling bit better so hopefully by this weekend I’ll be in flying form again.

    Sue – ah, the lads’ll love their cupcakes :) glad to hear the walking’s going well, have you put any more thought into starting running? I think I might start doing it myself in the park beside me. I’d love to be able to bring Bailey with me but whenever I bring him for a walk, he insists on walking in circles around me and trying to say hi to other dogs, so might have to go solo when the evenings are a little bit brighter :)

    Happy V day!

  • Acat says:

    Morning girls! I like V day but I never do anything much for it. Having a nice dinner tonight (m and s dine in for 2, nyom) and giving cards and little presents. We try cook a nice dinner once a week anyway and always get little bits for each other so its just a day where we both do it!
    Didn’t even get a kiss this morning though when I was getting up early, he just rolled over and pulled blanket over his head! Charmer!
    Feel better soon Lauralou. I felt like crap for last while, starting to feel better now. You will be amazed how great you feel when it all gets sorted. I like mad men and game of thrones, great series. Good story lines in both and hot men :) Breaking bad is meant to be good but never managed to watch it!

  • Orla says:

    Lauralou – hope you feel better soon!

    I can’t wait for this weekend to be over girls – from being late to work yesterday because of the trains, to being kept up ’till 4am by my drunken boyfriend calling me every half an hour on his way home from town, I’m not a happy bunny!

    Even the memories of watching Dirty Dancing on the big screen in a cinema full of girls singing along doesn’t cheer me up this morning – I’ve got a big cranky head on me, and I don’t see much getting done!!

    Happy Valentines Day all x

  • Nicely done Acat, might take a gander at the M&S meal myself.

    Karen, I’m building up to the running sloooowly. A friend recommended Kiss My Black for Couch25K podcasts, the lovely lady tells you when to walk away and when to run *titter*.

    I’m planning on bringing Diesel with me too, at least people make way when they see him, never mind me running like a demented camel beside him…

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