Blather: Tuesday

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Tuesday can mean only one thing: time to Blather!


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  • thefrog says:


    @mummypupper: I forgot yesterday because I was rushing, but I’m delighted to know that pupperette’s Nativity play went well and that she played her part without any problem.

    36 hours to go before the holidays. I haven’t reached the point where I’m counting minutes. Not yet.

    Today is the last day of the year with a meeting at work. I’m half thinking of asking my boss to do something to celebrate the fact that we will now have 3 weeks without meetings with her manager to look forward to. ;)

    Have a nice day!

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Morning all – 1 more day thefrog – you lucky duck!!! Wish I was the same but I can’t complain finishing up on Friday!!! So I hope this week flies in for me.

    Mummypupper great news about the little lady – delighted to hear about her performance.

    Hope everyone has a good day today….I put me vescht back on this morning. zero degrees again. I thought the forecast was supposed to be mild!!!

  • EvieM says:

    Morning ladies.

    Mummypupper, delighted about the little one, you must have been so relieved and proud.

    I spent the afternoon baking Christmassy peppermint sugar cookies, himself refused to try them as he “doesn’t like mint” and the small man nibbled one and then tore it to shreds and threw the bits on the floor, I’ve sent a big tub of them into work with himself to leave in the kitchen for anyone who fancies them. Looks like I’ll be eating the rest myself, ahh well, I think they’re yum. Anyone fancy a peppermint biccies with their morning coffee???

  • LynnieDoll says:

    EvieM – yes please!!!! how lovely of you. I sent in some christmas cup cakses to creche last friday for the girls and they went down a treat. (thanks ladies on here for the suggestion – it worked!!)

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all!

    thefrog- soo jealous, i finish on thursday, im counting the minutes :(

    Dying with a throat infection. Ugh get me home already :(

    Evie M- they sound delicious… mmmmmm

  • EvieM says:

    Here lads, dig in, I’ve a cookie jar full and if ye don’t help me I’ll eat them all myself and that’d never be good.

  • EvieM says:

    LauraLou, poor you, best thing I’ve ever found for a raw sore throat is Pinewood Laboratories Honey, Glycerin & Lemon, their feck all in it so it’s fine to take with antibiotics or paracetamol, the ingredient list is pretty much in the name. It tastes quite nice too and you can all but chug it from the bottle, it really coats the throat and eases the pain. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Good morning! Can’t believe it’s one week to Christmas already. Fairly organised this year though happily!

    In case I don’t get on again to say it, just wanted to thank all the beauts for the amazing support through my pregnancy & Ethan’s illness this year. You are all brilliant. He is doing really well & will be 5 months on Christmas Eve :)

    Here’s to a happy & healthy 2013 xxx

  • LauraLou says:

    thanks eviem- might go to the chemist on my lunch and get it! :)

  • LauraLou says:

    ah twinkletoes thats great news!! Delighted for u. xx

  • LynnieDoll says:

    TWINKLETOES!!!!! SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU. Brilliant news about Ethan, this Chrismas is gonna be “MEGA” for you. Have a brilliant one.

  • mummypupper says:

    Ah,thanks girls,it was such a confidence boost for her,she’s had a tough year dealing with the dyslexia but she’s in top form at the moment thank God!

    I may have mentioned my lurgy on here once ot fifty times,well it developed into septic throat and a dash to caredoc last night.O my God,I haven’t been this sick since I was a child,am absolutely dying,pain everywhere.Hubby was gone to his company Xmas party in Leixlip and was staying over,I had to call him and ask him to come home,was totally unable to look after the pups,felt awful for him!

    EvieM,welcome to my world,my lot never eat my baking and I end up eating it all myself.It’s a slippery slope I tell you!!!

    The frog,enjoy the last day and more importantly enjoy the holidays!!!

    Have a good day everyone

  • mummypupper says:

    Twinkletoes,great news,I bet Ethan is megacute,enjoy your first Xmas together.

    Lauralou,it’s you and me honey,the throat gang

  • thefrog says:

    @EvieM: cookies? Someone said cookies? No need to ask me twice!

    @Twinkletoes: so glad to know Ethan is doing well. This is going to be quite a Christmas for your family! Take care

  • LauraLou says:

    mummypupper- ill get the duvet n dvds and u get the lemon :)

  • gracieg says:

    So delighted to hear that Twinkletoes, hope you have a wonderful xmas!

  • says:

    woo hoo its tuesday which means only three working days after today!!

    only 2 more pressies to get and im sorted! started making my xmas jumper last night, it will either be amazing or a load of willies!! ah sure tis the season!!!

    oh an update on the headaches, it wasnt the sinuses causing all of them although, i still sound stuffy all the time, i have astigmatism in my eye so i need some spectacles, hallelujah, let the headaches cease!! No more being off my head on migrane tabs, yeowww!!!!

  • mummypupper says:

    Lauralou,I have honey too,and paracetamol…..and penicillin!!
    Lynniedoll,forget the vescht,you can warm your hands against my big burning cheeks!!

  • Fifibelle says:

    @mummypupper,sounds so nasty!!Mind yourself!

    @EvieM, biccies sound lovely!

    @Twinkletoes, have a wonderful Christmas, you all deserve some peace and quiet after a hectic 2012!

    Cabin fever has set in in a BIG way!!!Need to get out (and badly need a haircut/manicure/pedicure……)

    Can start using creams on my neck again, would Bio-Oil be good to use on the scar there I wonder?

  • EvieM says:

    Hold up…Co, you’re making your Christmas jumper? As in knitting it? Fair play to you. We are going to need to see a photo of the finished article.

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