Blather: Tuesday

By Emma | November 27 2012 | 46 Comments

Let’s get our blather on, Beaut.ies!


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  • LoCo says:

    Morning peeps,

    freezing cold morning.

    But I’m in a good mood. Got some good news at consultant yesterday my problem isn’t as bad as was first thought and can be easily treated with medication, so I’m thrilled.
    She is also going to try and get me help with another problem I have that which hasn’t been improving at all.
    Feel I can go on my holiday now and relax.

    Atkins- how are you this morning ??? Did you do another test???

    Bobbypins- hot whiskey please to warm my bones, cold to the core.

  • fififinx says:

    Hi Guys hope it’s ok for me to mention this: the Louth SPCA currently have a lot of cats in kennelling and they can’t afford to keep them there much longer. Really harsh decisions may have to be made so if you were near Louth and thinking of a cat please consider them! They’re all neutered and they’re all beautiful. I know the Beaut.ies love their furkids, so I thought I’d mention it. I am now up to 11 furkids and I can’t take any more, but this is breaking my heart!

  • thefrog says:


    LoCo, that’s good to hear. As you say, you’ll be able to relax now.

    I managed to get my hair cut yesterday without any comment on its shortness! Yes!!! The hairdresser I hot had already attended me a couple of times so she knew what I liked and had no problem with it. I was getting fed up with the comments on how ‘foreign’ my haircut was. Yes they did tell me once that my nationality was revealed by my haircut because only a French woman would get hair so short. Like WTF?

    And for some funny news: yesterday I found myself with an extra ticket for a rugby game because the friend who was supposed to come with my mother and I couldn’t. So before sending an email to all my rugby-living Paris-based friends, I phoned my dad and asked him wether he wanted to come. Now, my dad, as I mentioned before, is the kind of man who’d rather read the programme than watch a sporting event. So, I was very surprised when he said that yes, he would come with us. I texted my mum straight away and she phoned me back within 5 minutes “you did tell him that there would be a game on?” She couldn’t believe he said yes.
    End result, it’s going to be a family event and the first time in 14 years that my father goes to watch a game in a stadium. Oh, and the first time he watches a rugby game ‘live’ in his life. It’s never too late I suppose! ;)

    Hope you all have a nice day!

    BP if LoCo gets a hot whisky, can I have one too? For medicinal purposes you see…

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all!!

    my sister got a 4d scan the last week. saw my little niece or nephew, SO cute. saw it’s lil fingers and all.

    Loco- thats great news!!

    Fififinx- that breaks my heart, wish I could take some in, I already have 3 oldies who dont take well to new things and a dog.

    Ladies, can anyone help me? the boys sister is with this lad just over a year. I never liked him, and now hes gone and cheated on her. shes trying to justify it and hes turning it on her saying he needs space and all. How can I get her to cop on?!

  • fififinx says:

    Laura Lou: It’s been scientifically proven that while women will cheat more than men (I KNOW, right?), men who cheat and get away with it will go on to cheat again and again and again. Men who cheat are also statistically more likely to fetch home something icky than women who cheat. Those diseases can be life threatening, render the female partner infertile and are increasingly resistant to treatment. Quite apart from the fact that cheating on someone is a horrible thing to do.
    It’s NOT about her, it’s about him. Either he’s committed to the relationship or he’s not. If he’s not prepared to acknowledge he’s done the wrong thing, he will do it again and he has a poor character. Time to kick him to the curb.

  • LauraLou says:

    fififinx- Ive told her that, she just wont listen. Its awful. I told her he’ll do it again and she’ll be the only one who doesnt know. She just keeps saying but I love him. I just wanna shake her. I do get its hard for her, but he’s not right for her and obviously doesnt respect her.

  • fififinx says:

    Aw man ‘But I love him’ is a hard one. This is gonna sound cynical, but age and more than a few ‘But I love him’ moments has taught me this: you can ‘But I love him’ many people in life, it doesn’t mean you can’t move on from them if the relationship is toxic. ‘But I love him’ really means ‘I fancy him, I’m comfortable in the relationship and I’m as scared as hell that I’ll be all alone and on the shelf’. It may not be the feminist ideal but it is kind of programmed into us. She needs to know that she will NOT be all alone, that she WILL meet other better guys and yes, it IS gonna hurt like buggery for a while; but it sounds to me like he’s keeping her on as the old reliable until something better comes along. I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to put yourself into. Essentially she’s allowing herself to be abused and if she does that once it will happen again and again until she breaks the pattern. Loving an abusive arse does NOT make abuse OK. And he is abusing her – if he had been caught and put his hands up and said ‘I’ve been an eejit, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again’ then MAYBE, but by turning it into HER having the problem, that’s emotional abuse.

  • thefrog says:

    LauraLou, I can’t put it better than fififinx. However, you cannot force people to respect themselves. You need to tell her that she’s making a mistake with him, that she wil be miserable but in the end, it’s her decision.

  • says:

    Morning ladies, havent been on in a while, was trying to be’good’ in the new job!

    Lauralou, wtf, what an ass, i dont understand how men have so much pull over women sometimes, ugh it makes me so mad…. fififinx got it in one though.

    Anyone any good remidies for keeping energy levels up?? i feel shattered everyday lately :(

  • LoCo says:

    Thanks ladies I’m delighted.

    Lauralou- fififinx has it in one. She has to have respect herself. Aren’t those 3d scans amazing my sis had one done when she was pregnant and could see the baby had it’s daddy’s lips.

    Có – I find Vit B complex and Co-Q-10 gold tablets are great for giving me energy( both are in boots). And then the old recommendation for exercise. It’s not exactly fun but it does work. Even a quick walk in the evening.

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