Blather: Wednesday

By Aisling | October 31 2012 | 35 Comments


Hey baby it’s cold outside – but it could be a hell of a lot worse! We could be in New York.  Please tell me you’re not planning a trip?


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  • Bobby Pins says:

    Good morning peeps! KITC, I caught up with yesterday’s blather and am really sorry to hear about your furry companion – they become part of your family and part of your heart. Sending you warm hugs.
    How is everyone this morning? Ghoooooooouls and ghooooooooooooosties abound!

  • Rebecca says:

    I am going on the 25th nov :(

  • mummypupper says:

    Hi everyone,happy Halloween.
    BP,hope you are feeling more positive today and the sadness has gone.
    I’m dealing with manflu since Mon,himself has it bad.What a dose,on me that is!!I’m adding to his misery with my announcements on who has launched their Christmas collections,seems he’s not that bothered about Lancomes advent calendar,apart from being very nervous that I might buy it of course!
    Enjoy Halloween,thank God I live in the middle of nowhere and get no trick or treaters….humbug

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Morning Bp…. You sound brighter today, how you feeling. Hate to hear you sounding down.

    I had such a productive day yesterday, got through my list, damn boots and there 3 for 2 offers. 3 soap and glory products, 2 nail polishes EffeclarMatt, collection concealer. Literally everything you lot on here have been recommending, had to buy it!
    Mccabes have a third off the la Roche posay range…..

    Oh and I got my flu jab too.

    I think I’ll,go and see sky fall this afternoon, bit of 007……

  • LauraLou says:

    Hi everyone!

    Yacky out there. A duvet day for those who are lucky!

    started exercising last night. Set myself a goal to lose a stone by end of Jan. its do-able! :)

  • PirateAtSea says:

    Morning ladies! I hope the day is treating ye well so far!
    I need a bit of advice and I figure this is the place to go. I don’t tend to write here much but I’d still appreciate your help.
    In 10 days I’m shaving my head for charity & I’m terrified of my scalp being all flaky and dry looking when my hair is gone! My scalp is normally very dehydrated and I sometimes do get flakes from it. Are there any scalp treatments out there that any of ye can recommend? I know it’s kind of a random beauty question but I’d still very much appreciate any help ye could give :)

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Fair play to you PirateatSea….. You could try putting bio oil on it at night, bit shiny for the day and I am nearly sure la Roche posy do a scalp wash, I saw it yesterday. The baby nurse told me that good old Vaseline works too, and it did on Littledoll. Your a brave and selfless lady…… Big hug for you.

  • PirateAtSea says:

    Thanks very much lynniedoll! I’d use the word crazy a bit more though lol! :) I’ve over €500 raised in the last 2 weeks already and that’s just the cards I’ve gotten back. I’ll get those products tomorrow and fingers crossed it’ll do the trick!

  • LoCo says:

    PirateAtSea- wow well done. My dad is a baldy and he uses hair conditioner on his hair/head after he washes it. He said it stops his scalp drying out from the shower. Only discovered this when he used up my expensive Sebastian conditioner!!! He also uses plain old vitamin e cream if he get any dryness.

  • Chloe says:

    PirateAtSea, good luck & well done! I’d love to do Shave or Dye next year. Lush have a hair mask that’s aimed at dry scalps, but I think baby oil at night is perfect.
    Does anyone have any recommendations for eyebrow threading?

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