Blather: Thursday

By Aisling | May 31 2012 | 36 Comments


I hearby declare this to be a referendum-free zone! Get chatting and lets have ourselves some Thursday blather!


36 Replies to " Blather: Thursday"

  • boredmum says:

    Morning all, in work since 6.30 am, and wrecked already, waiting for more staff to come in so i can go and feed myself, starving i am, and soooo not used to being up this early,

  • vonfluffy says:

    Good morning, i got a lie on as the kids have no school, YAY, slept to 8.30

  • Carolanne says:

    Morning Beauties!
    Rain plus straightened hair = bad hair day :( It’s only 8 minutes into my work day but can’t wait to go home already!

  • LauraLou says:

    Morning all. Such a long day yesterday, didnt get home til around 10:30. my course has me drained, but almost there! Eventful bus journey too, there was an extremely drunk man on the bus harassing other passengers, screaming in their face, so the bus driver stopped the bus and called the gardai.

    On the bright side, ive a photoshoot tonight, male makeup and high fashion. Should be fun :)

  • LynnieDoll says:

    I’ve decided that rain makes work ten times worse. Like you Carolanne I’ve a frizzy head already and just want to go home and wash it.
    Really can’t be a*sed today…….

  • Emer says:

    Stupid weather – I had to spend €4 on the crappest umbrella you’ve ever seen today. Last time I was stuck I bought the same one from the same shop got half way to work and had to throw it in the bin it had broken that much!
    thankfully today it got me to work, but I think its only good for one use – come back sunshine!

  • typo Queen says:

    hey girls are you listening to darren sutherlands dad on ray it’s a strange one?

  • Morning all.

    Trying desperately to get back into the swing of things, but to kiddies at home and a sicky-mammy does not make for a productive adult.

    And the weather doesn’t help. I can’t even send them outside with a jug of water each to keep them busy.

    Is there sunshine in the country at all today?

  • Chloe says:

    Emer, one of my friends once spent about a €15 on an umbrella in River Island, because she said it was raining too hard to run to Penneys. On the way to #penneys, the umbrella broke. She was raging!

  • Grá says:

    OMG this country! I’m just after reading an article about the turf-cutters being prosecuted for harvesting turf! Jez why couldn’t they be this quick in prosecuting the dam bankers!!!!! It makes my blood boil! I understand that the bogs are now protected by E.U.regulation (oh the joys of being in the E.U.) etc but the least they could have done was to compensate these families who’s only means for fuel for decades was turf. They had a salmon hardship funds for fishermen when fishing regulations were changed, the same should apply for these turf cutters.

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