Blather Thursday

By Aisling | May 17 2012 | 46 Comments

Ready for some good old Thursday blather?


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  • JuMol says:

    Morning all !
    Beautiful morning out. It’s weekend eve. YAAAAAY!!
    Hope everyone has a nice day. Off to study :(

  • LauraLou says:

    Mornin all!
    Bought kerastase stuff yesterday, nearly had a heart attack when I got to the counter! This stuff better be unreal!

  • Carolanne says:

    Morning, wet and rainy here in Tralee this morning :(
    Can anyone recommend a good product for damaged hair? Well I think its damaged anyway – it’s all tufty at the top from where it’s broken off :(

  • Morning all, had such a restless sleep last night after going to bed at 9.30. I was exhausted turning out the light and tossed and turned for ages, wrecked now!

    Have a good Thursday all and LauraLou, what Kerastase stuff did you get? I want to give some a go myself.

  • LoCo says:

    Morning all. I’m shattered went out for dinner last night and ended up having drinks after. Did I go home after one ?? No I didn’t . I’m hanging a bit now :(
    Also had fierce restless nights sleep after all the drink so I’ll need matchstick for my eyes before the day is out.

    I will never learn.

  • LauraLou says:

    Karen – I got the stuff in the green bottle (sorry for being vague!) its for brittle hair. I got the shampoo & masque. & then I got the redken anti snap. My hair has snapped about 1 inch from the root so hopefully everything will strengthen my hair :(

  • CiB says:

    Morning. Ugh, just after seeing that someone Im friends with on facebook has shared – a photo from someone selling a pouch with 3 face and 5 eye brushes from “Mac” for €25!! Clearly fakes.

  • LauraLou says:

    Carolanne- what I just said! :)

  • JuMol says:

    Girlies, quick question !
    Cheap flights on Ryanair and am considering Liverpool after my exams for girlie weekend with my bestie !
    Has anyone been? Good shopping/nightlife? Anything at all like? Spa’s etc….? :D
    Promise, I’ll go and study then ;)

  • Polkadotty says:

    Jumol I once bought 7 pairs of shoes on a shopping trip to Liverpool.. Ah the good old days when I had a disposable income! Liverpools good fun although the nightlife can be a bit scary in some spots! Definitely worth a visit though! :)

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