Blather: Monday

By Aisling | December 3 2012 | 58 Comments

Monday, our auld pal! Give us some blather wha’?


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  • thefrog says:

    No snow yet, but some is forecast during the day. Is it bad to hope that it will be so heavy that the boss will have to send us all home for safety reasons? It happened a couple of years ago….

    I saw the St Nicholas parade yesterday and even took a picture of Black Peter who looked very scary I have to say.

    What did the other beaut.ies do during the weekend? Some Christmas shopping? (it was mad in the shops here).

    Hope you all have a nice day!

  • Chris says:

    It’s 2am in NY, and I’m up late reading for anthropology. Anyone want to help? I’ll pay you in makeup! Just read it all for me and tell me what it all means. :)

  • thefrog says:

    BP, Black Peter is Zwarte Piet is le Père Fouettard. In France he is the baddy that comes with St Nicholas, the ‘whipping man’ for the naughty children. In the Netherlands, he is the Maur accompanying the Saint, probably derived from the butcher who killed the 3 children in the story.
    Where I live at the moment, St Nicholas brings the gifts to the children, which is why there was the parade yesterday.

    And I feel your pain about the party you had. I tend to switch off in that kind of occasions. I’ve promised myself that if I ever have children, I won’t talk about them to other people. But maybe you can’t help it, it’s part and parcel of being a parent?

  • LoCo says:

    Morning all,

    4 days and counting to Oz holidays woop woop.

    The dreaded lurgy has hit but I’m dosing myself with Vitamin C and Actifed, so I WILL be better before I go on Friday. Got the Strepsils Plus throat spray, it is the bomb not pleasent to take but it makes the pain go away.

    TheFrog- that sounds like lovely weekend.

    BP- oh god that party sounds a nightmare. I think it depends totally on the people. I know loads of parents who don’t spend the whole time talking about their kids.They talk for few mins of how the kid is doing which I want to know & have asked and then it’s back to grown-up chats.

    My weekend was spent driving to/from Cork (mercy mission to get my sister to Dublin airport), packing my rucksack(it’s a tight squeeze) and moping on the sofa feeling sorry for my cold riddled self.

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all! im shattered!! asleep in my tea!

    Hows everyone?

    Got my xmas shopping done. delira

  • thefrog says:

    Well done LauraLou!
    I have my shopping done too but I keep seeing new nice things and buying them… So buying early has its drawbacks.
    I was delighted when I saw that the bottle of Champagne that I got for my mother last week had suddenly seen its pice increased by 15%. Well, delighted to have bought it last week, outraged at the shop’s behaviour.

    LoCo, make sure and bring us some sun, please. It is now snowing and it should continue for the next 3 to 4 hours…

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Morning all. I put my tree up at the weekend but nothing else. Well the angel on top. Need to decorate it this evening but had to clean first.
    BP – oh god that sounds bad. I know a few parent and, like LoCo said, they talk bout their kids for a couple of mins but then normal conversation resumes. Think it can just depend on the people.
    Heading to Edinburgh at the weekend and can’t wait! Counting down the days!
    Had a great one in Boots on Friday – got over 1000 points in my shopping! Even the woman at the counter thought it was good shopping. I’d only bought bout 4 things but had a voucher for an extra 650 points when I spent 20e on make-up & then got triple points on it aswell. Score! Now have more than enough to treat myself to one of the special offers!

  • mummypupper says:

    Morning girls

    I turned on the tap this morning and….nothing!No water,damn.This is a regular thing here,I just wish they would give us some warning so I could fill a kettle at least.Now,off to have a shower in record quick time,will I get conditioner rinsed off my hair before the tank runs dry,o the drama!!!
    Took the kids and a friend to see Nativity 2 yesterday,they loved it.Then I had to endure pupperette and her friend look at each other and roll their eyes every time my husband or I said anything,and when my poor husband started whistling the theme tune to Timothy goes to school,the eye rolling and furtive glances definately increased!It was so funny,the trials of growing up,especially having such embarrasing parents.
    Well,have a good day everyone,the sun is shining here,must try and get myself out for a trot later

  • Aifs says:

    Morning ladies,

    I had a delightful day in Dublin on Saturday. I got my balayage highlights done in the Style Club and I love them. They’re really subtle but they’re exactly how I wanted them. I also got to shop a present for my sister from her husband. :) He text me to say he thinks she wants makeup but doesn’t know where to start. Eh yes, leave it with me! I got some Clarins moisturiser, Benefit set, a lippy and They’re Real as well as some Art Deco eye shadows and eye lash primer. Very happy with my purchases.

    Hope you feel better soon LoCo.

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Morning all. Had 2 friends over for dinner on Saturday, I haven’t entertained in a very long time, which is why I limited it to two guests. Really good night. Other than that, not much. Off to see if I an get a bikini watch in town later, and eyebrows threaded.

  • Is it really meant to snow today, please say no… PLEASE SAY NO!

  • thefrog says:

    @Not just on the inside: not in Ireland, as far as I know. North England, and Central Europe yes.
    But I’m starting to get worried because it is snowing where I am (on the continent) and all my colleagues who live far from work are getting nervous, because they remember being stuck on the motorway 2 years ago because of the snow.

  • Orla says:

    Morning all, had a lovely weekend so I should be all relaxed but I’ve got a pounding headache already and I’m grumpy from my hour+ wait at the doctors this morning to get my prescriptions renewed.

    Himself was at his christmas party on Fri night so I went got my eyebrows done in a new place – bit worried in the beginning but they turned out lovely! £3! Anyways I sat on my bum for the night and watched movies :) Then on Sat himself got home around 10am and we watched Love/Hate for the day. It’s so good! :)

    Sunday we went for brunch and walked through Winter Wonderland in Hyde park which was lovely.

  • says:

    Morning ladies,

    Sounds like y’all had eventful weekends!! Mine was spent assiting in xmas shopping with the ma and then the BF, saw twilight much to my protests but enjoyed it in the end!!

    I love the snow usually but seeing as it takes me 2 hours every morning as it is to get to work, dont fancy trying it in the snow!

    Gonna get the rest of my xmas shopping done this weekend and be done with it!!!

  • Beth TV says:

    Morning folkses. Wrecked after a long weekend; taking a half day to try and reapply for admission to humanity.

    Bobby, I dread those sort of parties big time; I can just picture it here. Oh Benji’s poops are 3 inches long and he’s only had tapeworm once. Well the cheque for my Katie’s admission to Billy Barry’s stage school for spoilt brats has cashed so she’s down to the last 283 auditions; isn’t she great? Hector ate all the chicken nuggets in his happy meal last night, he is going to be a big boy :D

    Witchgirl; am mega jealous. And I thought I was good getting €60 of points last weekend :)

  • AnneMarie says:

    Hey Ladies,
    Could anyone recommend a good eye cream? I’m getting to “that age”, prevention is better than cure and all that!!

  • Andrea says:

    Morning beauties! Could have happily spent the day in bed… I don’t think Mondays are my thing :D

    Glad to hear everyone had a lovely weekend!
    I had loads of sleep, went out twice :) and just had a nice time altogether!

    Well I hope ye all have a great day ahead xox

  • Beth TV says:

    Bobby Pins, I’ve done a wee bit of satire writing but nothing too excessive. I’ve a book or two in me, I know I have :)

    AnneMarie, the No 7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream is really, really, really good. And cheap. And 3 for 2 :)

  • Charli says:

    Morning all. I registered on the net-a porter website last week thanks to some of the gift recommendations on a post here and guess what they have free international shipping TODAY only, I’m so glad I had held off buying this for my sis now
    Just saved a whopping €15 on p&p!

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