Back to Basics #5: Curling Lashes & Applying Mascara

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eyelash curlers

We’re back with part five of Back to Basics and Leonard Daly is turning his attention to all things lush and lash. This week’s tutorial focuses on curling and colouring lashes – buckle up and lets go!

Step 1: Always use a lash curler – Leonard’s using a Shu Uemura one in this tutorial. Try to buy a more expensive one if you can (typically they’re in and around €20 quid) as the rubber part is silicone so it doesn’t damage lashes. This post goes into more depth as to why pricer options can often work better.

lash tutorial step 2

Step 2: Now, get the curler up to you eye like so, getting the metal part as close to the lid as possible.

lash tutorial step 3

Step 3: Press and clamp the curler shut, holding quite hard for around 10 seconds, then unclamp the curler.

curled lashes

Et voila! Beautifully curled lashes with no horrid kink!

Leonard’s Tip: “Always curl lashes when eyelashes are dry, so use your curler before mascara.”

 l'Oreal Paris Volume Million mascara

Now that lashes are curled, we’re ready to apply mascara. Leonard opted for L’Oreal Paris’ Volume Million mascara here. His first tip? “When doing mascara get rid of clumps on a piece of tissue,” he advises. Or you know, the back of your hand!

mascara tutorial step 1

Step 1: Press the wand in against lid and make sure you get it right in against the root.

mascara tutorial

Step 2: Now zig-zag the wand out from the roots to the tips, stretching as you go. The reason for zig-zagging is that you deposit more product at the root of the lashes and that helps with the illusion of thicker lashes and also means that you’ll avoid thick looking, clumpy tips.

mascara tutorial

Step 3: Don’t forget to pay attention to the lashes to the sides of the eye – adding a little extra product here makes a big difference in opening up the eye and gives a flirtier look. Yay!

mascara tutorial

Step 4: Run the wand along bottom lashes using the tip of the mascara wand. Leonard advises that you play around and have fun working out what sort of lashes you like. Make them fat, fine, loadsa, or little. You’re probably going to get some mascara on your face as you practice – leave it to dry, then once it’s dry get your Q-tips out and it’ll rub off really easily.

Leonard’s Tip: “The number of coats of mascara you apply is a personal choice. Apply as many as you like!”

finished eyes

finished eyes

And the finished, mascara-coated eyes.

Makeup artist: Leonard Daly,
Model: Eva Lawes
Photographs: Kirstie McDermott

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12 Replies to "Back to Basics #5: Curling Lashes & Applying Mascara"

  • Lurganista says:

    Bates those eye-lash extensions that no matter how good ruin they auld eyeballs!
    Easy as 1 2 3…great piece!

  • Daisydaisy says:

    Fair play to the model becuase he’s pulling at her eye there and she doesn’t seem to be wincing at all…I don’t know how i’d feel about someone else putting mascara on me!!!!

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Lovely! Liking how that mascara turns out on the lashes! :)

    Also LOVE the tweezerman curler, have had the SU one and prefer the tweezerman one.

    Loving these tutorials, exactly what I need! :)

  • Maz says:

    Love love love that mascara! Find it so much better than the benefit they’re real 1 and costs a tenner less too!

  • Good stuff, her lashes look great in the final shot!

    Have to admit I never (EVER) curl my lashes, I’m no pantomine cow but they’re long enough that I’ve never felt the need.

    This weekend thoguh I’m giving this a shot – it’ll be part of my recreation of Sara’s smokey peacock look. I will look Fabulous! (or demented)

  • OtherMary says:

    I don’t see why it is necessary to stretch the eyelid like that. The obvious aside, it pulls the lashes closer to the eyelid and makes it easier to get mascara on the eyelid itself, which is a bummer when eye shadow is already on.

  • BerG says:

    Great tips as usual. Never got the hang of the curlers though, they kind of freak me out.
    Those eyelashes look amazing.

  • That’s it, I will learn to put mascara on my lower lashes! I never ever put anything on them, should try to see what difference it makes

  • stace-invader says:

    @celine only recently started putting mascara on the lower lashes myself it really opens up the eye definately worth a shot :)

  • Sara says:

    Cherry Sue- let me know how you get on with the peacock look!
    Other Mary – that’s the easiest way when youre putting mascara on someone else, you dont need to do it when youre doing it yourself :)

  • Wosheen says:

    Only small wee thing (for me anyway) is that I have a good eyelash curler but I find if I clamp down hard on for 10 seconds I get a wonky crimped eyelash sticking straight up! So I clamp down (gently) 3 times along the length of the lash, seems to do me the finest and opens up my eyes. Maybe just me though!

  • Mel says:

    Trouble is I have blonde eyelashes, so first I have to coat the back of them before I can coat the front-facing side – does that make sense? Otherwise people taller than see (see “everyone else in the world”) have told me that look weird, all two-tone.

    The ‘wiggling’ zig-zag mathod doesn’t help either, just coats the sides of the lashes more, but not the back.

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