Ask & You Shall Receive: What To Look For In Heated Rollers

By Lynnie | January 17 2012 | 21 Comments

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My sister, who has been growing her hair out from a cropped style over the last few months, recently decided that she wanted to buy a set of heated rollers. Unfortunately she didn’t know which ones to go for, so of course she got on the blower to me for advice, which was a bit unfortunate as I don’t think I’ve ever used heated rollers in my life. It took a bit of careful studying of the merits of each potential candidate, but ultimately we settled on a worthy winner*.

If you’re thinking of doing similar, there are a couple of things you should really consider before parting with your cash.

How many rollers are in the set?
Some have just 12, which is unlikely to be sufficient to do a full head of hair if your barnet’s long or thick. The sister’s hair is just about chin length but she has an awful lot of it – wagon – and while 12 rollers would just about cover it, it would be a bit of a stretch and we reckoned she’d probably end up trying to cram a load of hair in to the last one at the nape of her neck. We decided early on to opt for a set of 18-to-20 rollers instead.

What sizes are they?
The bigger the roller, the looser the resultant curl will be. If you’re primarily concerned with creating waves and body, look for sets that contain large rollers. For versatility, a set that contains two or three sizes of roller is ideal.

How are they held in place?
U-shaped pins are commonly used to keep heated rollers in place, but butterfly clips are easier to get to grips with. They’ll also hold rollers securely in place while you go about your business, without looking like you’re partaking in a posture lesson from the 1950s as you keep your head … very … still …

How long’s the heat up time?
Given that most heated rollers need to be left in for at least 15 minutes to do their thing, having to waiting around for ages while they actually get hot seems a bit tedious, not to mention time consuming. Some that we looked at gave no indication of their heat up time, while others needed 20 minutes to reach the desired temperature; if time is of the essence to you, seek a set that will be ready to use quickly.

Do you want variable temperature control?
Fine hair that can hold a curl doesn’t need to be blasted with heat unnecessarily. A variable temperature control enables you to use the lowest heat setting that your hair requires and minimise the potential for heat damage.

Have you any tips of your own to share?

* Babyliss ThermoCeramic Heated Hair Rollers, €39.99 in Argos

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21 Replies to "Ask & You Shall Receive: What To Look For In Heated Rollers"

  • LoCo says:

    excellent research Lynnie I have my eye on those babyliss ones.
    but have to say Bwaha haha ha ha the tag “eenie meenie miney mo”

  • Steph says:

    Been doing some research on these too including many YouTube reviews (yawn) and I expected to have to spend a few bob on them, as in up on the €100 mark.

    One of the tips I picked up was to go for ones that had butterfly clips with plates on them so they too heat up a little thus applying heat the whole way around the curler.

    Spotted sets in the sale in Debenhams last weekend, think it’s these:

  • Pinkrose says:

    Im seriously considering buying heated rollers at the moment but want volume and big loose curls so would want big rollers. thinking about giving Velcro ones a whirl first maybe.
    The last time i used heated rollers was when i was about 13 and my cousin did it for me they were Remington would have worked well if she hadn’t of put loads of tiny ones into my hair i swear i looked like a poodle!! LOL

  • Pipsiepie says:

    Have the Babyliss ones and they are definetly worth the €40! Love them! Took me about 2 go’s to get to grips with them but now they are my go to easy Hair style :) (I have long hair half way down my back) The trick is to turn them on before you jump in the shower and blast dry your hair! I leave them in for as long as possible (hour +), while geetting ready, doing makeup, hoovering and have on a few embarrassing occasions driven to friends houses ala Amy Childs :(

    If you are feeling really flush there are these really expensive ones called the O, but i may wait untill next xmas…..

  • Nicola says:

    Those butterfly clips look a lot easier to handle than the pins. I gave them a bash once but there was no way it was staying in place. I’m too scared of velcro rollers getting stuck in my hair, but then I’m also too impatient to faff around trying to figure out how to secure the heated ones. It’s a battle.

  • Aifs says:

    Pipsiepie – I have The O ones. My sister bought them for me last Christmas. They’re very handy as you can buy different sizes and you heat them up one by one. It takes 4 seconds. They’re really good and I use them a lot but they are pricey.

  • Jess says:

    I got these as a Christmas present off Santa Clause, and I’m just not blown away by them! Have used them a fair few times, and each time the curl just doesn’t hold (and I have a natural curl, so the hair is well able when I use a tongs or put in a set of pin curls). Even with hairspray and/or mousse. They just don’t seem to get hot enough for my (thick and longish) hair. Even the Mammy tried and wasn’t bowled over. And it makes me sad because I thought they meant the end of hours of tonging and rolling and sore arms.. :(

  • Pipsiepie says:

    Aifs, I’m so ‘Jel’… Is the result much better do you think? How are they at staying in – it says you don’t need clips??
    I really want them, but they’d have to seriously have to justify the price tag… :'(

  • Mandy says:

    I have these but I’ve only tried to use them a few times – twice or three times maybe. My hair always looked a bit wild when I took them out so I normally just straightened it out again. I love the loose curl look but i just haven’t perfected the technique of using these or the wand that I also bought. Do you have any tips on using them?

  • Aifs says:

    They stay in well and you don’t need clips because they’re velcro. They’re heavier than normal velcro rollers obviously though so I needed to buy some more to help them stick together and put less hair in each one. I have fine hair too so I’m not sure how they’d work if your hair was thicker. They do a great job on my hair but if I hadn’t got them as a present I’d still be humming over the price.

  • boredmum says:

    i bought these for my sister and borrowed them from her last year, have to say i didn’t find them great, like mandy my hair looked wild after using them, i tried them a few times but to no avail, but saying that nothing ever curls my hair to my liking unless it is professionally done :(

  • I have this exact Babyliss set of heated rollers… however I am ashamed to admit that I have never used it in the year and a half I’ve had it. I’m so clumsy I’m sure I’m going to mess up everything up. Hence the reason why I only wear my hair in a pnytail or messy bun, just an elastic band needed.
    I wish I could learn how to use hair tools though.

  • Tina~bean says:

    Love using heated rollers,my set has 12 which isn’t enough, but down to 8 pins which is a disaster when I try to use them, anyone know of anywhere where you can buy the pins?

  • marquise says:

    I got the enrapture ones for Christmas and love them! They are a bit bigger than the Babyliss ones so give looser curls…

  • ninababina says:

    I got babyliss pro ceramic ones off a hairdressing supply shop on ebay. The colouredy ones. 30 in the set. Theyre great..and I’ve seen them in bricks and mortar shops for 80 euro!!!! I think I picked them up for 39 of the queen’s pounds.

  • boredmum says:

    Tina- Bean – Any hair dresser suppliers will have them, or check in your local chemist, and if u can’t get them in either of them (which you should) just buy them on the internet. good luck

  • Laura says:

    I have the Babyliss ones and love them. I use them a lot so here are tips i’ve picked up:

    * Always use a heat protectent spray

    * For volume concentrate on the crown area and roll 90 degrees from your head right onto your crown area.

    * If you want a curl but no volume roll the curlers but stop about an inch before you come to the scalp.

    *The U shaped clips are good. They leave no marks on the hair and take up very little room on your head so you can put loads of rollers on.

    * If you want staying power spray your hair with strong hold hairspray (the Aussie one is nice) 5 mins before you take them out.

    * They work better on hair that is not freshly washed.

    * But the best tip and I can’t stress this enough is to wait until the rollers are totally cold before you take them out.

    • Fran says:

      Hey! Thanks for those gems Laura! completely in between these Babyliss ones and the enrapture ones. 40€ v 80€ I have fairly long, pretty thick hair. What do you think of your Babyliss curlers? There seems to be mixed reviews between really great and really not…


  • ChloChlo says:

    Ah babyliss rollers… I have been dating you for many months now and after every date i feel we should go our separate ways but i just cant give u the flick. If only u worked on thick hair we mite someday be able to make it work…

  • Tina~bean says:

    Boredmum you’re a star!! Thanks a mil for that!

  • Wosheen says:

    Good tips Laura!!

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