All dressed up for New Years Eve – but not a dress in sight! Trousers, playsuits, jumpsuits, suits and shorts all look perfect

By Jane | December 29 2012 | 9 Comments

Just when I thought I had given you all the inspiration you needed to find the perfect party outfit (click here for my picks of tons of dresses and accessories), I realised I had missed something. Not everyone likes dresses! So it was back to the shops for me and I think I managed to find some looks to inspire you. 

If you are not crazy about dresses then this is actually the perfect year for you, as the jumpsuit, the playsuit and shorts are all hot trends. You can style all of these for a very glamorous look that would be perfect for a party.



These trousers from Zara all have the edge you need to create an elegant evening look, all by themselves. Let the trousers do the talking and team with a simple, sexy top and some statement bling. If you are a really casual dresser and are more comfortable in jeans, you can totally dress them up for a party. Just wear the darkest denims you have as they look the dressiest and then wear a belt with a sparkly buckle. Team with a sexy, silk shirt and a smart jacket. Add lots of bling and some killer heels and you will look like a million bucks.


A smart jacket can add a whole extra layer of sophistication to a pair of smart trousers or jeans. Tuxedo jackets like this white one are especially elegant and look great over a silk shirt or with just a plain t-shirt. A brooch on the lapel will add extra pizzazz to a dark jacket. And look out for sequined jackets which will add glamour to any outfit.


Jumpsuits are everywhere this year and look great with a statement belt, which can make them as dressy as the dressiest dress. They are comfortable and very easy to wear and need very little styling. Wear long chandelier earrings and high heels to complete the look.


For all you bright young things with great legs, playsuits are adorable. They can be dressed up or down, but make sure to invest in a good pair of tights to make sure the look stays sophisticated. Wear with heels and don’t go too bare with the top, especially if you are wearing nude tights.


There are lots of shorts out there too, and again, make sure to get nice tights. The dressier the fabric the better for night time, so look out for velvet, leather, sequined and baroque shorts and again it is important to wear them with a top that is not too bare, to keep the look elegant.


There is nothing sexier than a woman in a beautifully tailored mansey suit. This is a style that never goes out of style and looks really well on tall girls. Wear it with a pretty shirt and heels for a knockout look, or go for the total androgynous look and wear it with a tailored shirt and brogues. 

What do you think? Do you like this as an alternative to the LBD?

What are you wearing on NYE?

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9 Replies to "All dressed up for New Years Eve – but not a dress in sight! Trousers, playsuits, jumpsuits, suits and shorts all look perfect"

  • *Aisling* says:

    Love these! I’ve ordered my NYE outfit already (a dress, sorry, not really in keeping with the spirit of this piece Jane) in the Zara sale – now all I can do is hope it gets here in time. Eeeeeek!

  • I adore the smart suit look, very sexy, classy and the blazer definitely adds that aounce of sophistication to your New Year look.

  • Remi says:

    Really loving the playsuits and the velvet jacket.I m looking for one in the sales.

  • Nora says:

    Adore these outfit inspirations! I’ve found I’ve stopped wearing dresses a lot!

  • Lydia says:

    I am doing the shamefaced thing of wearing the same dress as the last three years. I always dj on NYE so I wear a strapless prom dress with a big tutu over a white shirt, with leather braces, a tux jacket, a bow tie, it’s like a knock off cheap version of a chanel look from a couple of years back, with YSL patent trooper pumps, here –, which I always end up taking off after two hours and running around in filthy white trainers.

    Seeing this piece is making me wonder whether I could go for my american apparel high waisted shorts instead. I love NYE!!!!

  • Jane says:

    thanks girls, great that you all found some inspiration here.
    Lydia you sound like you have an amazing sense of style and those shorts sound phenomenal!

  • Susan says:

    Love the looks Jane. I love the idea of jump/playsuits but would never have the nerve. I totally agree with you on women in a sexy suit it’s looks great.

  • Sarabelle says: what’s the story with yer font? Font aside, some of these are lovely! (If only I had the legs for them!)

  • izo says:

    They look good on models and other people with model proportions.

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