Horrid Hangovers: Cures, Tips,Tricks & How Lorraine’s Make Her Feel Like Pat Kenny

By Beaut.ie | February 29 2012 | 40 Comments

coping with a hangover

Approaching March, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all broken our new years resolutions and broken out the white wine. Though I’ve mellowed massively since it became legal for me to go clubbing, I still indulge in a glass of fine (cough, €4 from Lidl, cough) wine. Unfortunately, I’m prone to whopper hangovers, the size of Michael Fassbender’s, err, acting ability. God, what I’d give to have that acting ability.

Anyway, I digress, my point is that hangovers can deal a big blow. I wake up with skin drier than Pat Kenny, mouth that feels like Pat Kenny’s hair and general sense of health that is as dodgy as Pat Kenny’s sense of humour. (Or lack thereof).

What’s worse than this is that the hungover masses are expected to scrub up and join the goodie-no-sick-stained-shoes when clocking-in time rolls around. I’ve got some budget friendly products to turn the walk of shame into a stride of pride. No longer will you hide behind your laptop, clutching coffee and praying for a half day that won’t come!

Firstly, pay somebody to roll you out of bed. When that’s done, take yourself to the bathroom and scrub your morning-after mouth away with Lush’s Toothy Tabs €3.10. I tried the Aquatic flavour and was blown away. It felt like there was a party in my mouth and only dentists were invited. It really foams up and tastes so strongly of herbs that I felt like I’d put a power hose in my gob.

Now that your smile is sorted, your lips might need some TLC. I scrub off whatever dry skin hasn’t already been grated off by stubble (this is a joke, the only kisses I get are from my cat and even he is reluctant) with Lush’s sugar scrub in Mint Julip.

Granted, you could whip one up yourself but I’m no Rachel Allen and prefer the YAMMY minty goodness of Lush’s offering. These cost €6.75 and will last for months. I follow this up with a really intensive lip balm, something like Nuxe’s Reve De Miel.

When you make it to the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of water and throw in a soluble vitamin C tablet. I think these are lifesavers. I have to avoid caffiene, so this is where I get my energy fix. Also, let’s be real, you probably lost whatever nutrients you had while talking down the Big White Telephone to God.

This is one of the cheapest that I’ve found, has a nice orange flavour and is packed with vitamins. The exact price escapes me, Though I’m sure it was under €3 for the tube.

If your skin gets really dry like mine does, it’s best to lash on a super-hydrating oil. It might seem like a bit of a faff but on days when I’ve skipped it, I end up flaking – no matter what care I’ve taken with foundation. I’ve been usuing the Nourishing Oil by Skin Essentials, €15.50, for over a week now. As it’s an oil, it’s provides more moisture than a cream and feels so soothing on uncomfortably dry skin. It’s supposed to be used sparingly, just a dropped mixed in with your regular moisturiser but it can be used neat on very parched complexions.

I will have to leave it longer before I can recommend it properly, but this is what I’m loving at the minute. While I’m still putting this through its paces, you could check out the comments on the post that Kirstie wrote about her very dry skin, there were some excellent suggestions there!

Those are my hangover savers! What are yours?

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40 Replies to "Horrid Hangovers: Cures, Tips,Tricks & How Lorraine’s Make Her Feel Like Pat Kenny"

  • Currently hungover, currently dying.. I need a Vit C tablet STAT!

    My cure is a bottle of sparkling water. I hate the taste of “plain” water, when hungover..

  • LauraLou says:

    Water water water and lots of it. & a shower. & mc donalds. or anything else with a huge amount of salt & grease :)

  • You forgot the bit about the rasher sandwich, on white bread, with real butter, and a can of ice-cold full fat Coke. ONLY from a can. And it must be ice-cold. Also two paracetemol and a motilium. Have that and your’e sorted.

    The dry skin though, yeah, that’s a killer. And the ‘morning’ breath. Your suggestions are excellent.

    I gave up alcohol in 2006 and I can’t say enough about not having hangovers anymore. I had to give up for a medical condition as the hangovers and resulting migraines were crippling. But I’ve never looked back. Anytime I get a hankering for an apple martini I just remember the hangover and move on.

    So for me, best hangover cure has to be – abstinance!

  • Cat says:

    I can’t stomach water when i’m hungover, it makes me want to hurl even more.
    My bad hangovers usually consist of me not being able to move an inch, left, right, up or down, for at least 6 hours. If I move, I get sick, simple as. After the 6 hrs or so of hell and self-loathing, I start to feel a bit more human and all I want is a CAN of coke. Must be a can, not a bottle.
    Recently i’ve found that peppermint tea is also a good stomach settler, althugh my mum’s been telling me that for years, I just chose to ignore her.
    I usually want ALL the food. And then eat little to none of it. Just knowing it’s there is enough, apparently.

    Common sense and experience tells me that the only ways to fully avoid horrific hangovers like that are 1)Don’t mix so much, 2) don’t drink so much (duh) and 3)pints of water really DO help. Whether it’s in between drinks or before bed.
    You mightn’t escape the hangover completely, but it won’t be as bad.

    Oh, also, after a few European music festivals of HELLish hangovers, I discovered that Dioralyte is also a great hangover cure – as it’s usually used for people with bladder infections to replenish all the lost salts in your body, it also works wonders for the oul’ hangovers.

  • cch says:

    It’s been a while since I was really, properly hungover (that’s what having a 15 month old will do to your social life) but one thing that I did was drag my butt into the shower and afterwards use a really hydrating/watery body lotion like Vaseline Aloe Vera or that Nivea Hydro(?) one, it just felt like I was putting the water back in all over and made me feel less dessicated and grotty. Similarly on face, lashed on a cheapy hydrating moisturiser, used to have one at the back of the cabinet just for this purpose!

  • That pic with your noodle pillow is brilliant!! Lads, NoHo is the ultimate hangover prevention thingy for me. Not to sound like an ad or anything, I die a small death the following morning after drinking, lying in bed waiting for the day to be over, can’t function as a human being. It’s a rehydration thingy like Diorlyte that stops me and my sis from getting hangovers. Have a girlie night coming up next weekend and need to buy some for that!

    I don’t have any other hangover tips because I literally just lie in my bed all day, not being able to sleep, just lying there. If I can muster a Diet Coke and chinese, then I know it’s nearly over. Wait till ye hit 30 ladies, hangovers get 10 times worse!

  • Banjaxed says:

    Y’all are going to hate me, but I’ve never had a hangover in my life… And I do drink… It’ll probably hit me with a vengeance one day!

  • Karen Beating and Cat – YES! Ice cold can of proper Coke when hungover is YER ONLY MAN. That and a bag of Wheelies. Alright fine, six bags of Wheelies. Mmm Wheelies.

  • avicakes says:

    I go straight for the smooth Tropicana next morning – loveliness in a glass. And I spritz my face & neck with Avene thermal water spray can after washing face etc. (with my mouth open too!)

  • LoCo says:

    Noodle pillow hahahahaha

    Dioralyte only cure that works for me, and then 2 paracetamol.
    If I remember to take dioralyte when I get home I sometimes wake up as fresh as a daisy but usually just take them as soon as I wake and then back to sleep for bit and wake up fine.

    Motillum good too for settling tummy.

    I usual crave junk food when I’m hungover, crisp lots and lots of crisps.

  • Cait says:

    The Ginseng dissolvable tablets with Vitamin C are also great. They come in a long tube. Ginseng is “nature’s energiser” apparently. Also a pint of water at least an hour after your last drink (so when you’ve gotten home and are headed to bed) is a life-saver because by that stage your body might actually be absorbing water again (alcohol is a diuretic, so while pints between drinks are great for slowing you down and keeping you more sober your body is not absorbing it).
    Love the suggestions for cleaning out the mouth – that really is the worst part of the hangover! It always feels like something has crawled into my mouth and died there.

  • Grá says:

    Oh having some food after a night out followed by a pint of water before bed. Then first thing in the morning I take a soluble 1,000mg Vitamin C and Zinc supplement. Then sleep for a while…. My worse hangovers are after a night on the Vodka and Red Bull….. I can’t sleep even though I’m wrecked, I can’t move because I’m in pain (due to turning into an ADHD lunatic on the above drink), I can’t eat because I’ll puke but I’m still hungry, shakes, heart palpitation… It takes me two days to get over a night on that stuff! Needless to say I don’t drink it anymore. Guinness is good :) and the hangover aint bad!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Defo have to try Dioralyte at the weekend. Sounds brill. I have a trusty can of fat coke, a packet of skips, a shower with original source mint shower gel,and some rich moisturiser.

  • Love your noodle pillow Lorraine :)

    Best line has to be ‘I scrub off whatever dry skin hasn’t already been grated off by stubble (this is a joke, the only kisses I get are from my cat and even he is reluctant)’, though! Hilarious!

    I really must try that Nourishing Oil for myself.

    As for my hangover cures, like Karen (Beating Myself Into A Dress) said, you can’t be a rasher sandwich.

    Though my latest thing is to stick to drinking vodka when I’m out as there’s never a hangover in sight but give me wine and I’m dying the next day ;)

  • O Great One says:

    There used to be a great thing called get up and go, hard to keep down but worked wonders. Anyone seen this out there lately, have a hen at the end of March and I’ve been making a list to bring with me:

    6 cans of coke
    6 pack of wheelies or chickatees
    2 bottles of water

    any more suggestions?

  • Cheap&Cheerful says:

    Dioralyte = HG Hangover cure!!!!

  • actionmags says:

    Lorraine great post… i love that your as sorted for a hangover as the special forces are equipt for a takeover.

    mind you, your only a youngone- an old lady like myself started to get hung over while still drinking- no wine EVER for me

  • Macloon says:

    ha ha @pinkpanther that Original Source stuff is magic for a hangover. The shampoo is marvellous – it’s the nearest thing to diving into the sea!

    I also rate a rich moisturiser, chipsticks, club orange, tae, and a banana.

    For the face, a pale eyeshadow (pale pale pink or lavender) is great for making you look like you slept. And a lick of bronzer is magic too.

    Plus a spritz of something citrus-y. I used to use Acqua di Gio whenever I was hungover ; so much so that I can’t wear it anymore as it makes me feel sick!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Ah yeah, dip my face in the bronzing pot and throw on a fake ponytail or a hat too. My hair gets despearte hangiovers!

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