What’s Been Your Best Bargain Recently?

By Beaut.ie | April 18 2011 | 36 Comments


I’ll have to put my hand up here and say that while I’m not really much of a bargain hunter, if I happen to be out shopping and spot a fab discount on something I want or need, then I won’t exactly run in the opposite direction, you know what I mean?

If you do happen to have a few quid spare at the moment, it’s an ace time to be out shopping. Clothes sales seem to be on 24/7, even beauty’s getting discounted and gift times at cosmetic counters are better than ever. And hey, get this: Brown Thomas is doing a fab offer by which they’ll add 20% onto gift cards purchased before April 4th 2011. So, you take in your card worth €100, say, and they hand you back one with €120 on it, which you can then spend willy-nilly on ‘spensive  bags, shoes or Tom Ford lipsticks.  That’s a totally new one on me and it’s brilliant for us as consumers – a fifth extra for free? Ok so, I can live with that. Fo sho.

So, tell us in a comment what your best bargain’s been recently – and it can be anything!


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36 Replies to "What’s Been Your Best Bargain Recently?"

  • Simone G says:

    I bought a pair of birkenstock type sandal things from Aldo recently which were priced at 35BD (70 euro) and when she scanned them in it said 20BD (40 euro). She didn’t say anything so I handed her a 20 and sped out of there, woohoo! Indirect bargaineous activity!

  • bored mum says:


    I recently went to Salon Suppliers and wanted to get A proper hairdressers 3200w hairdryer and some hair extensions, the Extensions were €60 and the hair dryer was €75, the girl fancied my bro so she said she’d leave the whole lot at €70 for me, Little did she know that my Bro had given me a voucher for €60 so all i had to pay was €10
    was excira and delira, BARGAIN :)

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Brown Thomas occasionally do good deals on perfume sets. I just picked up (as my sister’s present to me) Agent Provocateur’s La Maitress 30ml perfume and shower gel reduced from €50 to €25.

  • Aifs says:

    My two bargains lately were Urban Decay on the ferry over to Scotland. I got a double pack of UDPP – one Original, one Sin for £14. I also picked up the Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot liners – 9 minis and a full size Zero for £17. Was thrilled with myself!

  • Karen Quinn says:

    Oh I love a good bargain! My best ever was a pair of purple gladiator Carvela sandals for £4 in the House of Fraser winter sale.

    All the more enjoyable because I’d spied them before but they were £65 and there was no way I was spending that on a pair of summer sandals.

  • joanne says:

    Got a spray tan on city deals (fake bake) for €14 at the weekend. Bought a Karen Millen dress for a wedding on ebay last night for £18

  • ArtDonatella says:

    I bought a Lancaster 50ml Serum from TK Maxx for € 16.99, fabulous! Cannot get better than that! Love TK Maxx :)

  • ArtDonatella says:

    Oh, the price reduced from €90 – oops, forgot to mention!

  • evie says:

    Benefit Dandelion (brand new!) for a tenner on ebay. There’s always the possibility that it might be fake, but seeing as its absolutely identical to the bought-at-BTs one that I was just hitting pan on, I don’t mind at all!

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Possibly my best ever clothes bargain was a coat (again in Brown Thomas) by Ghost. It was around €300, reduced to €90, and I had a voucher for €50 to put towards it. Still wear it though it’s getting a little thin for our now-Baltic winters.

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