Tan Trials: Rockstar Tan Fame, ModelCo Mousse & ModelCo Tan Prep Body Polish

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We’ve had piles upon piles of fake tan out for trial recently and the verdicts are starting to come back in.  Tan fan Kate Lawlor’s been testing some on Beaut.ie’s behalf over the past few weeks and we knew she’d do the task justice because this is a girl who loves to fake it. Heck – she can explain it better than we can. Take it away, Kate:

As a self-confessed tanaholic – or tanorexic as some of my more disdainful friends like to call me – I’ve seen a lot fake-tan bottles in my youthful few years on earth. During the quest to achieve the golden-goddess look, there have been many tan-induced disasters; we all know how difficult it is to achieve a perfect healthy glow.

I like my tan quite dark, and will always use a tan mitt to apply it. Every skin type is different so what will suit some people may make you look like a peeled orange. After years of experimenting with expensive brands, I discovered my tan soul mate happened to be St. Moritz, and at only €4 in Penneys, obviously my skin doesn’t have expensive taste. My advice? Keep searching and trying different brands, as each will have a different effect on your skin tone.

For now, here’s a couple I’ve recently tried:

Rockstar Tan Fame, €19.99

Finding a tan that goes on easy, looks natural and has a sweet smell is like trying to find the right clothes size in Penneys. It’s nearly impossible. But don’t lose hope pale-skinned friends: Rockstar have released an instant mineral tan that seems to fill all the tan criteria (Beaut.ie’s already tried and been wowed). A wash-off lotion, it glides on smoothly, smells like all things nice, and gives you a golden hue. Although you might want to dodge the raindrops while wearing it, Rockstar fame tan delivers all that you hoped for in a tan.  And it’s in a nice little tube too.

ModelCo Tan Mousse, from €15 for 100ml

This lotion smells like coconut when first applied: a pleasant surprise, but a short-lived happiness. While walking around the room half clothed waiting for the stuff to dry, I noticed a slimy pool of oily-tan still on the surface of my skin half an hour later. Not good if you’re in a hurry or are wearing white clothes. And if you like your tan dark, like me, you need only to expect a light glow. (And yes, I did use the ‘dark’ bottle). Sticky, yellow and patchy, my skin wasn’t a happy camper by the fourth day.

ModelCo Tan Prep Body Polish, from €10 for 100ml

Even the most elite of tan products need a hefty scrub-off at the end of the week, to ensure smooth, even skin for the next layer. Exfoliating wash is frustrating to use as it usually consists of a few wimpy beads which only take off some tan, the result being patches galore. That’s why I always combine it with an exfoliating glove, so I’m ensured a tickled pink clean.

Tan Prep Polish by is actually a hard little worker on its own, as I tried it without the help of a glove. The beads are like hundreds of amazing-smelling grains of sand, and leave your skin soft and smelling like grapefruit.

Muchos gracias Kate!

Have you tried any of the three our intrepid trialee checked out? What did you think if so? Let us know in a comment.

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12 Replies to "Tan Trials: Rockstar Tan Fame, ModelCo Mousse & ModelCo Tan Prep Body Polish"

  • I had sworn off fake tan there for a couple of years, but I bought Nars body lluminator in Laguna at the start of the summer (‘summer’; summer?; April) and it’s amazing – gorgeous glow in an expensive-looking kinda way if you get what I mean…though the price is a tad, em pricey (pardon my eloquence, it is Monday morning after all), but you only have to use a teeny tiny amount so it should last quite a while I reckon.

  • Kirstie says:

    Eimear -oh yeah it’s gorgeous isn’t it? And quite large, therefore expense-justified. Ahem.

  • Among other justifications, including ‘sure if it’s that price I’m hardly going to end up looking hideously tangoed’ and ‘well it’s actually probably not going to be hot enough to bare flesh too often anyhow so I won’t need to buy it more than once’.

  • Kirstie says:

    well exactly.
    *nods sagely*

  • O Great One says:

    I use the Fake Bake instant tan (in Boots) and it give a great golden glow and washes off really easily, and it didn’t wear off on my clothes as much as the Rimmel did.

  • joanne says:

    Love the Rockstar fame. Like the Rockstar mousse too gives a decent colour and dries quickly. I did use the St. Moritz last year but felt it really clogged my pores. I’m thinking a lot of the model co stuff is crap. Bought the exfoliating towelette thingies in tx maxx and they are useless. Saw that mousse there too, glad I didn’t buy it now

  • boredmum says:

    O Great one – I’m with u on the Fake Bake Beyond Bronze wash off tan, I discovered it last week and it was only €6.99 so i said i’d give it a go, I’m glad i did, I love it, i hate hate hate Normal Fake tan that developes, as it just makes me feel really Sick, This stuff is great, and sure if u make a mess just wash it off and happy days, Its very easy to use (use a mitt) and looked very natural, U can use it on your face aswell, and doesn’t leave u all sticky and greasy which i love

    My other fave is Sally Hansen, sure u can’t go wrong with it

  • I just love the acadamie bronze express it’s amazing stuff !!! Xx

  • O Great One says:

    I love the Sally Hansen except you can’t brush off anything or it just comes right off!

  • joanne says:

    Yeah fame is great in this respect cos it doesn’t come off like the sally, it would withstand a light rainshower too (tried and tested!)

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