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Rimmel Glam’Eyes Day2Night mascara: So IN2 the 2 CAPS KTHNXBAI

By Aisling | April 19 2011 | 10 Comments

My oh my this is a neat little gizmo. With more tricks up its sleeve than Derrin Brown and more magical intrigue than er Paul Daniels It’s not often there’s a mascara that makes me want to try it INSTANTLY and fiddle around with it.

Unscrew the Volume cap – you’ve got a fat brush and a mascara that adds fullness.  Unscrew the Length cap – you’ve got a more slender looking wand and a lighter mascara

At first I honestly didn’t know how it worked.  Are there actually two mascara tubes slotted inside each other in some tricksy way, with two separate wands? Or wha?  I pulled the thing apart, unscrewing the caps and peering into the tube: this is how it works.

There’s only one wand and only one type of mascara in the tube.  The only difference is the amount of product on the wand and the size of the tube the wand is pulled through – Rimmel call it their “dual wiper mechanism”.

When you select the Length cap the wand is pulled through the thinner tube giving a much lighter application which is apparently perfect for “those flirtatious office encounters” we all have.  Sadly it seems Rimmel haven’t visited my office, but sure we’ll let them away with it.  Want to pump it up a bit and go in2nite time mode?  Select the Volume cap and the wand is pulled through the bigger tube: the wand appears fatter and there’s much more product on it.

If you like MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara this is a dupe for it.

Coming to a Rimmel stand near you from May 23 (€9.95)

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