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Offline Facebook: ever wonder about the amount of information you share online?

By Aisling | May 19 2011 | 38 Comments

It’s true that people can be anyone they want to be on the Internet. Anyone can assume any identity, any gender, age or nationality they want and this of course makes it a feeding ground for scammers. But most of us don’t use the Internet this way. Instead we use it in quite the opposite way: sharing our real lives with the world

This clip is a hilarious wakeup call to the amount of information we readily share online. The most personal details, the nitty gritty of our lives – and that’s not even counting those embarrassing drunk photos. Which stay around forever. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, forums, blogs, email, using Google, sharing information, giving opinions and posting pictures. Maybe you don’t use all of them – but you can’t live in the modern world and not participate in at least a couple.

Are you concerned with the amount of personal information floating around online – or think it’s no problem?


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