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Multi defence range

Back in February we put out Ireland’s call (no, a different kind of Ireland’s call) to the beauty-conscious to see if we could round up 30 ladies to trial Neutrogena’s latest skincare line, Multi-Defence.

With varieties for all skintypes, normal to combination and dry and sensitive, these products are designed to hydrate and defend skin against the stresses of sun, pollution,wind, cold and heat. A bold claim, and the science behind it is equally impressive. Everything is also very affordable – prices range from €4.49 to €9.49, so everyone can try this line out, regardless of budget.

We found ten gals to trial each of the three skintype offerings and they’ve been busy at it for a few weeks now. In the comments, they’ll be leaving their feedback on how they got on so you can see how Women in The Field ™ felt the products performed. We’ve asked them to give us an indication of their age group, their skin type and the specific products they tried too.

We hope it makes for interesting and informed reading and of course, if you weren’t testing the products as part of the trial but have been using them over the past wee while, feel free to leave your feedback here too.

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46 Replies to "Neutrogena Multi Defence Skincare – Reader Rated"

  • ams says:

    OK so I’m 28 and have oily/combination skin.

    Overall I have to say I liked this range.

    First up the facewipes – these were good but not brilliant for removing makeup. I didn’t feel that they completely removed everything but they are nice and fresh smelling and defo good for an emergency.

    I really liked the facewash – judging by how long it lasted so did my boyfriend. When I questioned him about how little was left in the tube he said that he just couldn’t resist the “microbeads”. This is gentle enough to use every day – the grains are quiet gentle. I found I needed to use a rougher scrub every few days but overall really liked this and would repurchase.

    The daily moisturiser is a light moisturiser that I found ok. It does have a slight greasy feel to it and I found that using less of this was better – my skin looked quite wet after using it – i.e. it didnt sink straight in. I generally choose a moisturiser for oily skin with mattifying properties so this was probably a little different than the norm for me. Im not sure if I would repurchase this but I did like the fact that it had SPF and think it would be suitable for younger skin.

    The night cream felt much lighter in texture than the creams I have used before – more like a richer day cream if you know what I mean. I actually thought this was good because sometimes I am nervous to apply night cream to my oily areas (i.e. t-zone) but can then suffer dry patches if I don’t. Ive been quite religious about applying this and think I will continue to use it. Its a nice light texture so if you don’t like rich heavy night creams would recommend this.

  • gil says:

    Really interested to read the reviews…!

    I’m 21 and bought the day combination moisturiser but it kinda just slides off….not great…! Defo doesn’t sink in like you said….

    The eternal hunt for a good moisturiser begins again… :(

  • Breige says:

    I was one of the lucky people who got picked! So I’m in my early twenties and have combination skin, oil along my T-zone and normal on my cheeks. I have a tendency to break out in spots every now and again.

    I got 4 things: Gentle Purifying Scrub, Daily Moisturiser for Normal to Combination skin, Night Moisturiser and the Wipes.

    I don’t use wipes as a cleanser, I just don’t buy them. I did use them for this though on the odd occasion though. They smelt nice, they took my make up off pretty well and didn’t leave a film. But even though I thought they took off ALL my make up, I woke up every morning with a small bit of mascara around my eyes.

    I really liked the Scrub, it foamed up nice, didn’t dry my skin, or clog it. In fact, it helped clear it up, my skin hasn’t broken out since I’ve started using it! I like the fact the particles in the scrub are very small, it makes the scrub an exfoliater and a foamy wash all in one. However, I found sometimes after I rinsed it off that some of the gritty particles were in my eyes. But that could just be me!

    The Day Moisturizer was probably my favourite and something I’ll probably rebuy. It works well into the skin, moisturizes it well, doesn’t leave a sheen on the skin and I’ve found it’s a nice base for makeup. And I love the fact it has SPF! And a pump bottle. It smells nice enough as well.

    The Night Moisturizer is pretty thick. Not necessarily in a bad way, however I did find I’d have to work it pretty well into the sink to get it to disappear. It did sink in well though when I did that. While it did moisturize my skin just fine, I suppose because it sunk in kinda like the day moisturizer (almost matte), I didn’t feel like my skin was being moisturized, if you get what I mean?! It didn’t give off the idea that it was really moisturizing my skin, like a luxury one. However, that’s a minor gripe really if you think about it, my skin didn’t feel the next day that it wasn’t moisturized and it didn’t cause me to break out because it had all sunk in. I possibly would buy it again, however another minor thing I didn’t like was the plastic jar. I know this is an affordable brand and line but a plastic jar for a night cream just seems so…. cheap or something. It also has the same scent as the day cream.

    On the packaging, I quite liked the colours used, it simple and basic. While it won’t stand out or catch your eye (not like something like Soap and Glory), I suppose it suits the range for exactly that reason, it’s an every day basic range that does the job just fine.

    Overall I was impressed and will probably rebuy the day moisturizer and would certainly consider rebuying the night cream and the scrub. Thank you for choosing me to do this!

  • Carol Morrin says:

    Well I had seen the Jennifer Garner ads and had decided I was trying out these products before I heard the call. I am 36, with combination skin. The month of March definately helped test these products with the ever changing weather, you remember, we even had sunshine! I tried all the products. I used the daily moisturiser and it was lovely.It goes on light and does exactly what it says on the packet. My skin felt moisturised. Although it boasts spf 25, it does state on packaging that its not a sun product. I used the night time cream, which is a thicker cream, and I definatley felt that the skin was been hydrated. The exfoliator was great for the extra clean. The wipes were fine for the end of day cleanse, but just failing on the waterproof mascara! Overall ,I will be buying them for the future and thanks for the opportunity to try them out.

  • RiRi says:

    gil, I am with you, eternal hunt for good moisturiser is still on.

    I tried the day moisturiser one for combination skin, it does take time to sink in. I do like it but not sure if I will buy it again.

    I am dying to try the Vichy products.

  • Sparklequeen says:

    I have tried the moisturiser with spf25 and the night cream. Have combo skin and really liked them!

  • gil says:

    Completely RiRi it just seems to be a minefield of stuff out there…!

    I’d love to try Vichy too but its always the prices that stop me….I’ve had samples but sometimes the effect wears off….? Or the slightly chemical smell makes me want something fresh!

    I also sprung for L’Oreal once….I think I used it….Ohhhh…about three times before binning it….! Awful, SO chemically, and just sits there…and even their face wash with the scrublet was binned, i left it in the shower and even with the cap on, if i opened it after that the smell nearly made me vom….

    Why oh why can’t there just be a perfect moisturiser for youngish skin with spf, reasonably priced, the ability to SINK IN and make us look like the radiant people we are….!

  • Sinead says:

    I’m 21 and have normal skin so I got the set for All Skin Types.

    I was really intrigued to try out the line as I have never used one entire brand for my entire skincare routine.

    Facial Wipes: I was quite impressed with these. I have had more than one bad experience with make-up wipes whereby they have left my skin red, raw and burning. These did not do that at all. They were sufficiently wet enough to remove my make-up without feeling harsh or abrasive. They were nicely scented and I would definitely repurchase them.

    Facial Scrub: For the first week or two weeks I used the scrub as instructed. Unfortunately, my skin didn’t like this and developed some very sore, dry patches around my mouth, nose and, strangely enough, around my eyes even though I tried to avoid them. While I love scrubs and feeling like my skin is getting cleaned from the inside out, I found prolonged and constant use of this to be harsh. I continued to use it on a once or twice a week basis once my skin had cleared up and that seemed to do the trick. I would hazard that scrubbing everyday isn’t necessarily ideal for any skintype but, would recommend this product for use on a twice-weekly basis.

    Day Moisturiser: Score one for this product is that it comes in a pump-action tube meaning that no germs or bacteria can get in. One full pump provided enough product to cover my entire face and it dried very quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth to the touch. I also appreciate the fact that this contains an SPF 25 as I can be quite lax about applying one daily. I didn’t find that this was a greasy or hard-to-settle into the skin product. The scent was light and not overpowering in the least and provided a nice base for make-up.

    Night Moisturiser: The night moisturiser was very thick and, I thought, very heavily scented. I’m not that sensitive to smells but, at times I found this to be overpowering. It was quite hard to work into the skin and it wasn’t as moisturising as you might expect. I also would have preferred the tub to be a little bit more fancy as, overall, the rest of the range is quite understated and sophisticated and you wouldn’t automatically realise it was Neutrogena but, that’s just me being picky!

    Overall, this was an interesting experiment to be a part of. I will when the trial packet runs out. I probably wouldn’t repurchase the scrub just because of how it dried out my skin even though the instructions called for daily use. The day moisturiser was probably the best of the two, purely because it contains SPF so, I will probably be adding that to my shopping basket once mine runs out!

    Thanks Neutrogena and!

  • TGIF says:

    I was also chosen to test the products! thanks i really enjoyed!
    I’m 26, turning 27 in 3 weeks. i have really dry skin, thanks to having eczema as a child. Usually im a huge fan of oils and really thick moisturisers.

    ok so first up The wipes
    hmm im not a huge fan of cleansing wipes to be honest, but i gave these a go. i was pleasantly surprised by them, they did a good job of removing all my make up, and were really refreshing to use with a lovely smell. They did leave my skin feeling really dry and tight a couple of mins afterwards though, but i find this with wipes in general.

    The cleansing scrub
    I found this really nice to use and seems gentle and mild enough to use daily. the grains are really small and fine and give a lovely deep clean fresh feel to my face. Would def buy this again!

    The day moisturiser
    This was my favourite product, really nice to use after a shower or first thing in the morning on my face, as a good base for make up. Thought the high spf in the cream was great and it sank in really nicely. it also smelled gorgeous too! for the price this is a really good day moisturiser. also loved the way it was in a pump dispenser

    The night cream
    I was really disappointed with this. It just wasnt rich enough for my skin at all. I didnt sink in for ages and when it finally did my skin felt tight afterwards as if i needed more cream. i also agree about the plastic jar packaging – just doesnt really look great at all. I would always expect a night cream to be in a glass container. This made it seem kinda cheap or something.

    overall i found this range very good, especially for this time of year and coming into summer. although i dont think the moisturisers would be rich enough at all for the depths of winter time to protect my face then.
    thanks again! :)

  • Linda says:

    I was delighted to be picked for the trial as I love trying new product. I am in my early forties with combination skin – I know the range is aimed at younger skin but I found the range suited me too. I only used the cleanser once a day as I felt twice a day would be a bit too harsh. It is an excellent cleanser and rinsed away well. I don’t usually use wipes but tried these out and they were fine. My favourite was actually the night cream – it was very hydrating and my skin felt great in the morning. I would definitely buy this in the future.
    The day cream I felt sank right in and was a good base for makeup. I also liked the smell which I think is very important.
    With the Summer round the corner I think the day cream will be nice and light.

    Over all I was very happy with the range and thanks for the opportunity to try it out.

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