Models Inc & Fabulous/Nails Inc & Diet Coke: Marketing Fails

By | January 24 2011 | 31 Comments

uh oh

Truly, is there anything nicer than getting something for nothing? And when it’s something you’d actually shell out cash for, then it’s doubly likely you’ll want it.

So that’s why we featured the Models Own makeup kit free with the News of the World Fabulous magazine, to be collected at Tesco, and sought clarification as to whether this year’s Nails Inc and Diet Coke promo would again run in Irish Boots stores.

For the latter, Boots advised when contacted that it wasn’t going to happen this year. Sad news, so we Tweeted to that effect, but sure we’ll live with it. We had the Models Own one to look forward to. Er, except, no one seemed to know what Irish Tesco Stores one might be able to redeem the kit at.

I contacted Models Own via their PR agency (who replied to me, fair play) and when I asked the brand itself on Twitter, they Tweeted a UK Tesco customer number back. Ok, so I got an answer, but it wasn’t really helpful as this is the Rebublic of Ireland – an Irish number would have been the ideal.

So I contacted Tesco Ireland’s PR; they said they’d check but never got back to me. In the meantime, a listing of participating Tesco stores was provided on the Fabulous website. Minus Ireland. Cue more puzzled comments and Tweets and emails to us to ask where the tokens needed could be redeemed.

And then, to add insult to injury, we began to get more emails and Tweets about the fact that yes indeed, the Nails Inc and Diet Coke offer was in fact running at selected Boots. Gah!

Listen lads, we Irish gals love a freebie. But lets get serious here: we’re more than happy to support your brands and we’ll get behind your cross-company marketing endevours too. So don’t take the piss, eh? Line your ducks up in a row before you launch, speak to everyone involved, and make sure all the information is ready and in place for every country in which you’re running your promotion. Basically, try not to really, really grind the gears and test the patience of your Irish customers.

Yes, we are a smaller market. But you’re in business: you know that for beauty products, the Irish market is a uniquely lucrative one for such a small population. So, stop giving us the very loud and clear message that we don’t matter as much as the UK.

Because this sort of careless, can’t-be-arsed behaviour stinks of precisely that. Take note.

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31 Replies to "Models Inc & Fabulous/Nails Inc & Diet Coke: Marketing Fails"

  • Brilliant. You tell ‘em, Kirstie!

  • Hear Hear!!!

    Try living in Cork- it’s like the land that make up promotions forgot.

  • Catriona says:

    Excellent stuff!

  • lily says:

    Lets just hope they see this and do something about it!!

  • Girlwiththeskew-earring says:

    Amen to that.

  • Kirstie says:

    In all honesty it’s too late for anything now, it was just something me and Aisling were talking about yesterday and decided to highlight. It’s no criticism of brand PRs at all, as all responded and did their best to find the info for me (er, excepting Tesco but really, Models Own should have known), there just seemed to be (in my opinion), in both cases, misinformation from the top regarding what was going to happen for irish customers.

  • Feefurs says:

    I checked tesco and online and couldn’t find out how to redeem the tokens for the Models own make-up so i didn’t bother buying the paper yesterday for the second token. This sort of offer tempting is even worse on internet sites…you often need a U.K. address to enter any offer/comp thats on packaging.

  • Kirstie says:

    Feefurs – oh I have absolutely zero problem with brands running uk only promos. That’s their perogative and itself never opens its comps to non-Irish residents, a fact for which we’ve been grumbled at a time or two. But if you ARE doing your promo in Ireland too, then make sure you’re ACTUALLY doing it and not doing some half-arsed, tacked on the end thing with it, where no one’s sure what’s happening – us, brand reps and customers.

  • Aphrodite says:

    I watched these scenarios unfold with amazement

    “when I asked the brand itself on Twitter, they Tweeted a UK Tesco customer number back”

    @beautie The list is outside of our control, I’m afraid. Contact Tesco Customer Services on 0800 505 555 and they should be able to help.

    THEY tweeted a number for US to right to find out where to promote their brand – amazing. I tweeted them back

    @modelsown aw come on – should you not be doing this yourselves and giving US the info?!

    They never replied

    We went into Boots in Liffey Valley and saw the promo ourselves. But we already knew cos you lot had told us on the Blather. So we went into Empty Pockets, tried out our new nail varnish and tweeted Boots, wondering why they had not told us when we’d asked loads of times. This was their reply

    @beautie Wow!They hadnt been sure where it might take place so thought safer2say not happening,rather than disappoint but thats gud isnt it?

    Safer to say NOT HAPPENING?? No, find out.

  • BerG says:

    Right on Kirstie. For the love of God if its a freebie just put it on shelves with the product you need to purchase so you can pick it up easily. It does more damage to a brand if you have to jump through hoops to get what is advertised as free and available.
    Its like the voucher codes in magazines to redeem free goods, then you have to end up paying postage to receive the item. Thats not free in my book. Really gets me going.
    The way Glamour magazine did the Benifit pencils last year is the way to go, simples buy your magazine and the pencil is included in the packaging.

  • Kirstie says:

    sense, it makes none.

  • Kirstie says:

    the Benefit and Cadburys promo from last year is also a really good example of how to run something like this as well. Make it a cinch to get the goods and build excitement and loyalty at the same time. Simples.

  • BerG says:

    s.p. apologies that should be Benefit.

  • Melody says:

    Hey Kirstie, wrong post is linked to there at the start.

    Great article though, how how how could they not know which stores were doing it, how? Surely the kits had to get to the stores, and the staff had to be told what was going on – somebody knew!!? What a mess.

  • Kirstie says:

    Melody – cheers, amended! And yes. You have it in a nutshell.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Melody – ring a UK customer service number because links are out of our control and they probably won’t get back to you

    Oh wait – we’ve just quickly fixed it ourselves

  • Parsnip says:

    I’d love if there was an Irish version of Mary Portas willing to out the different brands/ shops/ salons, etc. with the crappy services the ROI gets week in week out. A big gripe I have is when you are online and have to select what country you are in (UK is nearly always the option given for ROI) and then you cannot purchase anything because you don’t have a UK postcode!!! Products don’t fly themselves to NI, they are freighted there. What is the difference between the port of Larne and Dublin Port?

    And the price difference between £ and € makes is ridiculous. Especially when they list both £ and € prices ON THE SAME TAG!

  • joanne says:

    Good post! I finally got my models own yesterday- tried 2 tescos for them, the first one was “out” of them, not really good enough in my opinion because there was nothing about until stocks last on the token, the second store had them though

  • Aphrodite says:

    Parsnip – oh god yeah would LOVE Mary Portas to come here and kick some ass

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