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Mac Posh Paradise Collection: Paint Pot in Pure Creation & Mattene Lipstick in Rare Exotic Pictures & Swatches

By | October 20 2011 | 9 Comments

mac posh paradise

Now, dedicated followers of Mac will know that this little lot has been on counter since the beginning of the month. Art of Powder, Styledriven and Posh Paradise are October’s offerings and I’ll be showing you more from Styledriven soon as I’ve lots of samples – it’s a permanent line, praise the lord.

I’ve got two pieces from Posh Paradise, a collection of stay-put products in jewel tones for eyes and lips, complemented by two nail shades. It’s a fairly neat release, easy to get to grips with, and I’m liking the new Mattene lipstick formula from Mac, so was happy to lay my human eyes on Rare Exotic, €17.50, one of ten limited edition Mattene lipsticks in the collection.

mac posh paradise mattene lipstick and paint pot

If you liked the look of Nars’ Carthage earlier in the summer but felt it was too spendy at €26, then this is worth a look-see. It’s quite different actually in that Carthage is brighter and more matte but there are some similarities – slim bullet, long-wearing promises and a great fuchsia shade. This delivers a creme finish with a bit of shine and I haven’t found the Mattene formula to be drying, particularly, so I’d say I’m a fan. This is a great shade, thumbs up. A colleague breezed past me at work yesterday and said “loving your lipstick,” and hey, that’s always nice to hear.

mac posh paradise paint pot in pure creation

Next; the second bit Mac sent for scrutiny. It’s the Paint Pot in Pure Creation, €19, one of eight shades, all limited. Would you believe this is my first Paint Pot? Uhuh. I read raves all the time but not being a major Mac fangirl, I’ve never indulged. How come no one’s ever mentioned that they smell not so nice? Bit of an odd bang of paint/plastic off this one, but I love the shade. The release for the collection describes it as a ‘mid-tone frosty blue’, but to me this is a shimmery petrol blue, and it’s a great colour.

These are often employed as eyeshadow primers – especially the nude shades like Bare Study – but being so pigmented work on their own, and the coloured ones can be used as a base for a matching powder shadow shade too, which is probably what I’ll mostly call this into play for.

swatches of mattene lipstick in rare exotic and paint pot in pure creation

Left, Mattene Lipstick in Rare Exotic; Right, Paint Pot in Pure Creation

So, pretty pleased with that particular jiffy bag from Mac, but like I say, I’m late to the (as always, limited edition) party. I know lots of you have been down to your local counter and will have swatched, sampled and indulged. Have you checked out Posh Paradise yet, and if so, what have you bought?

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